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Eliot Engel's Public Statements

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12/09/2020 Conference Report on H.R. William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021
12/07/2020 Recognizing Importance of Sustained United States Leadership to Accelerating Global Progress Against Maternal and Child Malnutrition
12/07/2020 Hong Kong People's Freedom and Choice Act of 2020
12/03/2020 Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative Act
12/03/2020 Expressing Sense of Congress That Yevgeniy Prigozhin and His Affiliated Entities Pose A Threat to Interests and Security of the United States
12/03/2020 Expressing Concern Over Detention of Austin Tice
12/03/2020 Condemning Politically Motivated Imprisonment and Calling for Immediate Release of Political Prisoners in Russian Federation
12/03/2020 Calling for Immediate Release of Trevor Reed
12/03/2020 War Crimes Rewards Expansion Act
12/02/2020 League of Women Voters of Scarsdale 100th Anniversary
11/24/2020 Schumer, Gillibrand, Lowey, Engel, Maloney Issue Joint Response To Nrc Staff's Approval Of Indian Point License Transfer
11/19/2020 Letter to President Donald Trump - Bonamici, Beyer, Castor, Grijalva Lead 89 Members in Opposing Trump Effort to Undermine Climate Science
11/18/2020 Libya Stabilization Act
11/18/2020 Desert Locust Control Act
11/18/2020 Recognizing 70th Anniversary of Outbreak of Korean War
11/18/2020 Recognizing Significance of Genuine Autonomy of Tibet and Tibetan People
11/18/2020 Reaffirming Vital Role of United States-Japan Alliance
11/18/2020 Affirming Nature and Importance of United States-Iraq Bilateral Relationship
11/18/2020 Haiti Development, Accountability, and Institutional Transparency Initiative Act
11/18/2020 Expressing Importance of United States Alliance with Republic of Korea and Contributions of Korean Americans
11/18/2020 Fighting Emerging Narcotics Through Additional Nations to Yield Lasting Results Act
11/18/2020 Condemning Acts By People's Republic of China and Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region That Violate Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Hong Kong Residents
11/18/2020 Securing America From Epidemics Act
11/16/2020 Engel Statement on Afghanistan Negotiations and Troop Drawdown
11/10/2020 Engel Statement on Pompeo's Refusal to Acknowledge Election Result

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