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Chuck Schumer's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (NY) - Sr, Democratic Minority Leader

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08/12/2020 Tweet - "The Trump Unemployment Order: --Cuts enhanced benefits in half --Won't go out for weeks, if at all --Runs out weeks after that What a ruse. The American people need a real solution that offers real help!"
08/12/2020 Tweet - "President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans say a tax cut for wealthy investors will help fight the COVID economic crisis, but think $600/week is too much for 30 million unemployed Americans. They simply don't understand the magnitude of the problems on Main Street."
08/12/2020 Letter to The Hon. Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General of The United States Postal Service - Baldwin Joins Senate Democratic Caucus in Urging Usps to Fix Delays and Avoid Cost Increases for Election Mail
08/11/2020 Tweet - "At a time when people have to vote by mail in record numbers, the Postmaster General wants to triple the postage cost to vote by mail? What a despicable derogation of democracy."
08/11/2020 Tweet - "It was all for show. President Trump's narrow, unworkable and weak executive actions won't help New Yorkers."
08/11/2020 Tweet - "Senate GOP delayed for months, failed to come up with a proposal that had the support of their own caucus, then left it for someone else to figure out. Even now, Sen. McConnell has said 20 GOP senators won't vote for any more COVID relief. Dems won't stop fighting for action."
08/11/2020 As he negotiates fair relief to benefit all Americans in "COVID-4', on a video conference call with CEOs of Chobani and Feeding America, Schumer renews his commitment to expanding SNAP benefits and extension of P-EBT to address food insecurity during the pandemic; senator has pushed for increased SNAP funding in each COVID relief bill
08/11/2020 Tweet - "Rather than trying to break the logjam, President Trump issued a bunch of unworkable, weak executive orders. He slashed enhanced unemployment benefits and his executive order on evictions doesn't even guarantee a moratorium on evictions. Republicans must come back to the table."
08/11/2020 U.S. Postal Service
08/11/2020 Coronavirus
08/11/2020 Tweet - "President Trump: You must restore full funding to all states for their National Guard response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This support is critical within our states to supporting the health and well-being of millions of Americans. From @SenatorLeahy , @SenateDems & me:"
08/11/2020 Tweet - "USPS reportedly told some states that they may now need to pay a first-class rate to ensure on-time delivery--nearly tripling the cost of election mail This would be an outrageous policy that should alarm every American Democrats will fight this with every tool at our disposal"
08/10/2020 Tweet - "It's August 10th, and President Trump still doesn't have an adequate national testing strategy."
08/10/2020 Tweet - "President Trump's executive orders are hardly worth the paper they're printed on. They leave out funding for: --COVID testing, tracing & treatment --Our schools to safely reopen --Food assistance --State & local governments --Our 2020 elections --Post Office"
08/10/2020 Tweet - "President Trump's executive order on unemployment benefits is put together in such a sloppy way that it'll take weeks or months for states to even implement. Millions could lose everything before they ever see a check. Republicans must get back to the negotiating table!"
08/10/2020 Tweet - "Pres. Trump's executive order on evictions doesn't even guarantee a moratorium on evictions, let alone identify specific funds to help people who've fallen behind on rent It's less of an executive order and more of an "executive suggestion" The American people need real relief!"
08/10/2020 Schumer: President's executive orders leave out money for state & local governments, money to reopen schools safely & exclude COVID-19 testing, tracing & treatment; senator asks Trump & GOP to meet Democrats in the middle & come up with an agreement that will help Americans and NY-ers
08/10/2020 After senator's 2013 intervention with Bausch Health -- formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals -- kept jobs & lens production in Rochester, again Schumer advocates for region; following recent news of Bausch splitting into two companies, Schumer, in phone call to CEO Joseph Papa, secures confirmation Bausch Health will maintain Rochester plant, possibly even add jobs
08/10/2020 Coronavirus
08/10/2020 Tweet - "President Trump says: "It is what it is." The president, his aides, his party in Congress aren't even awake to what's happening in our country That's the reason why Senate Republicans delayed for four long months and that's the reason why we've been unable to find an agreement"
08/10/2020 Tweet - "Then-Candidate Donald Trump promised that he would never touch Social Security. Well guess what: deferring the payroll tax is a backdoor way of weakening Social Security. The executive order is just another false promise made by Donald Trump."
08/09/2020 Tweet - ". @realDonaldTrump thinks that America's senior citizens don't know that eliminating the payroll tax would defund Social Security and Medicare. But they do. And I'm sure they'll remember. Quote from @AARP :"
08/09/2020 Tweet - "More than 160,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. Over 5 MILLION Americans with the virus. President Trump's answer? Months of delays, downplaying the pandemic and scam executive orders that won't fix the problems."
08/08/2020 Tweet - "The statement by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence pulls back the curtain on Putin's disinformation operations The fact that Pres. Trump & some Senate GOP have echoed this campaign and done nothing to stop it should alarm every American"
08/08/2020 Tweet - "Instead of putting in the work to solve Americans' problems, Pres. Trump chose to stay on his golf course to announce unworkable, weak & narrow policy announcements to slash the unemployment benefits that millions desperately need and endanger seniors' Social Security & Medicare"

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