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Peter DeFazio's Public Statements

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04/29/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio USPS's next generation of delivery vehicles should be electric. Thank you @NRDC @UAW for joining the fight for a green USPS fleet. Quote Tweet NRDC 🌎🏡 @NRDC · Apr 28 "The facts are clear: The Postal Service can save money and cut pollution by investing in electric trucks." -- @brittanyncarmon
04/28/2022 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Senator Murray Joins Colleagues in Push to Expand Federal Purchasing of West Coast and Pacific Northwest Seafood
04/28/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio On #WorkersMemorialDay, I honor the workers who lost their lives on the job--many of whom worked to build America's transportation systems. I will always fight to protect our workforce and ensure the infrastructure law creates good-paying, safe, and rewarding work for millions. Quote Tweet Transportation Trades Department @TTDAFLCIO · Apr 28 This #WorkersMemorialDay, we remember and honor every fallen transportation worker. As we grieve those we have lost from workplace hazards, including COVID-19, we continue to push forward for safer workplaces. #1u
04/27/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Oregon is hiring: 🌉Civil engineers 🤝🏼Community planners 🚧Heavy equipment operators 🔥Welders 🧱Masons 🧮Budget analysts 💡Electricians Join me and @TransportDems to learn how rebuilding America enhances our workforce. Quote Tweet Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure @TransportDems · Apr 27 Roads and bridges don't build themselves. It takes a skilled workforce💪 At today's @TransportDems hearing, learn how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law supports on-the-job training that will help workers build life-long careers in the industry.
04/27/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio The Wild Rogue Wilderness and nearby areas are pristine Oregon treasures. I'm proud to introduce legislation to expand the Wilderness and create the Rogue Canyon National Recreation Area for generations to enjoy for years to come. Keeping the Wild Rogue Wild Congressman Peter DeFazio (D) from Eugene, Oregon, has introduced into the House the Wild Rogue Conservation and Recreation Enhancement Act. It is a
04/26/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Honored to receive a lifetime membership to the Letter Carriers Union @NALC_National . I've fought my entire career to preserve, protect, and enhance the USPS. In fact, my legislation to save the agency $5B a year was signed into law earlier this month. Thank you for this honor!
04/25/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Good thing we still have plenty of time to get lots of work done together. 😎 Quote Tweet Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure @TransportDems · Apr 25 In case you missed it, watch what @POTUS had to say about @TransportDems Chair Peter DeFazio below 🦅🛠️
04/21/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio I've championed investments in our infrastructure for years. But no administration, Republican nor Democratic, was able to deliver until President Biden took on this challenge. I was honored to work with him to deliver billions in new investments to improve our infrastructure.
04/21/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Our country faces significant challenges -- a climate crisis, systemic racial injustice, & an economy that rewards wealth instead of work. With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we have an opportunity to tackle climate change, create good jobs, & deal working Americans back in.
04/21/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Honored to join @POTUS in Portland today to discuss the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We worked hard to get needed infrastructure investments signed into law, and because of the President's leadership we are #BuildingABetterAmerica.
04/21/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law improves our roads and bridges with a focus on climate mitigation, resiliency, safety, and equity for all users. I'm glad to join President Biden today to discuss this landmark legislation.
04/21/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio I'm strongly urging the Biden administration to support federal funding to create the only West Coast ship-to-rail container port at the Port of Coos Bay. This will boost supply chains and better our environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
04/20/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio It's clear: Congress must pass a Yemen War Powers Resolution to end unauthorized U.S. involvement in this horrific conflict. Thank you to the nearly 70 organizations supporting our efforts. Cc: @RepJayapal Quote Tweet Hassan El-Tayyab @HassanElTayyab · Apr 20
04/20/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio I'm pleased the Biden administration is taking a needed step to help student loan borrowers wrangle their debt.
04/20/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio The president's announced reforms included policies I've proposed, such as forgiving all debt after 20 years of repayment and retroactively counting public service loan forgiveness payments that were in the wrong plan.
04/14/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio All workers have the right to organize. I stand with @SBWorkersUnited and the workers in South Eugene who formed the first Starbucks union in Oregon and achieved a major victory for the national labor movement! #UnionStrong
04/13/2022 Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio Let's start with my Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax and Rebate Act, which would tax Big Oil's excess profits and return that revenue to consumers in monthly payments. Quote Tweet Rep. Peter DeFazio @RepPeterDeFazio
04/11/2022 Letter to Dr. Michal Freedhoff, Assistant Administrator Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention - Reps. Delgado, McEachin, Kildee Lead Effort to Close PFAS Reporting Loophole
04/05/2022 Resilient Assistance for Mitigation for Environmentally Resilient Infrastructure and Construction By Americans Act
04/05/2022 Small Project Efficient and Effective Disaster Recovery Act
03/30/2022 Stop Sexual Assault and Harassment in Transportation Act
03/30/2022 William T. Coleman, Jr. and Norman Y. Mineta Department of Transportation Headquarters Act
03/16/2022 Schakowsky, Warren, Klobuchar, Porter, Colleagues Call Out Drug Manufacturers For Providing Misleading Information on High Drug Prices
03/11/2022 Letter to Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and Hon. Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives - Reed Discusses Replenishing the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

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