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Bart Gordon's Public Statements

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12/21/2010 Chairman Gordon's Landmark Innovation Legislation is Sent to the President's Desk
12/21/2010 America Competes Reauthorization Act of 2010
12/17/2010 Senate Passes COMPETES By Unanimous Consent
12/15/2010 Chairman Gordon Welcomes Department of Energy's Rare Earths Strategy
12/03/2010 Op-Ed: Turning Down the Volume on Too-Loud TV Ads
11/16/2010 Members Applaud NASA's Role in Successful Chilean Miner Rescue
11/14/2010 Chairman Applauds Release of Adaptation Report
11/10/2010 More Good News in Gordon's Fight Against Nuclear Waste Imports
10/29/2010 Letter to the Hon. Thomas P. D'Agostino, Adminstrator of National Nuclear Administration, United States Department of Energy
10/29/2010 Chairman Gordon Releases Report on Climate Engineering
10/26/2010 Seniors Receiving Rebates in October to Cover Prescription Drug Gap
10/12/2010 Gordon's Bill to Fight Meth Production Signed into Law
10/06/2010 Expanded Tax Credit Will Aid Adopting Families
10/01/2010 Curbing Meth Abuse: A Comprehensive Approach
09/29/2010 Hearing of the House Science Committee - Averting the Storm: How Investments in Science Will Secure the Competitiveness and Economic Future of the U.S.
09/28/2010 Rare Earths And Critical Materials Revitalization Act Of 2010
09/28/2010 Recognizing 40th Anniversary Of Apollo 13 Mission
09/28/2010 Gordon Votes To Improve Veteran Job Opportunities
09/22/2010 Combat Methamphetamine Enhancement Act Of 2010
09/17/2010 Gordon Votes To Lower Rural Energy Bills, Create Jobs
08/26/2010 90 Years After Women's Suffrage, There's Still Work To Be Done
08/16/2010 Gordon: Reforms Will Reign In Federal Spending
08/04/2010 Gordon: Hearings May Shed Light on Rogue Agents in College Sports
08/04/2010 Gordon: Hearings May Shed Light on Rogue Agents in College Sports
08/02/2010 House Approves Funds for Stones River Battlefield

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