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Bernie Sanders' Public Statements

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12/01/2022 Providing for A Correction in the Enrollment of H.J. Res. 100
11/29/2022 Letter to Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture - Durbin Urges USDA To Update Standards For Commercial Dog Breeding Facilities
11/14/2022 Letter to Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Castro, Booker, Jayapal Lead 83 Members Calling on Biden Administration to Remove Barriers to Affordable Health Care for Daca Recipients
11/10/2022 NEWS: Nearly 100 Students Participate in Biannual "Vermont Day" Trip to the Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate
11/01/2022 Tweet - "Oil Profits So Far This Year Exxon:⬆️203% to $43 billion Chevron:⬆️175% to $29 billion BP:⬆️161% to $22.8 billion Shell:⬆️133% to $30 billion Big Oil is using the war in Ukraine as an excuse to make obscene profits by jacking up gas prices. Yes. We need a windfall profits tax."
11/01/2022 Tweet - "I stand in solidarity with @CCWUnited workers striking at Maximus call centers today. If Maximus can afford to pay its CEO 208 times his median worker and spend $2 million on "bonuses" to cross the picket line, it can afford to pay workers a fair wage."
10/31/2022 Letter to Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve - Congresswoman Dean and Senator Warren, with Colleagues, Warn Fed Chair that Rapid Interest Rate Hikes Could Harm Job Market and Trigger a Recession
10/31/2022 Tweet - "President Biden is right. At a time when Exxon, Shell and Chevron increased their profits by 168% to $81 billion in the last 2 quarter by charging outrageously high prices at the pump, we need a windfall profits tax. The revenue should go directly back to the American people."
10/30/2022 Tweet - "Today, the people of Brazil have voted for democracy, workers' rights and environmental sanity. I congratulate Lula on his hard fought victory and look forward to a strong and prosperous relationship between the United States and Brazil."
10/28/2022 Tweet - "Many international studies point to Finland as the happiest country on Earth. Here's what Finland's Ambassador had to say when I asked him why that might be:"
10/28/2022 Tweet - "Profits in last 2 quarters Exxon:⬆️228% to $38 billion Chevron:⬆️149% to $23 billion Shell:⬆️117% to $21 billion These companies are spending $63 billion in stock buybacks & dividends - a massive transfer of wealth from the working class to the top 1%. Windfall profits tax NOW!"
10/28/2022 Tweet - "I wish Paul Pelosi a quick recovery from this heinous attack. Violence must have no place in American politics. I hope we can all come together to condemn the increasingly violent rhetoric we hear every day."
10/27/2022 Tweet - "Corporate greed is Shell making a record $21 billion in profits over the last 2 quarters and spending $26 billion on stock buybacks and dividends this year to enrich its wealthy stockholders while working class Americans struggle to pay $4, $5, $6 for a gallon of gas."
10/27/2022 Tweet - "The 158-member House Republican Study Committee released a budget this year to: -Cut Social Security by $729 billion -Cut Medicare by $2.8 trillion -Give a tax break of up to $1.75 trillion to billionaires This is not how you improve the economy. This is how you make it worse."
10/26/2022 Tweet - "Jamie Dimon became a billionaire after his bank was fined billions for mortgage fraud, illegally foreclosing on military families & bribing foreign officials. Now, he's in Saudi Arabia to do business with a country partnering with Russia to damage our economy. Pathetic."
10/25/2022 Tweet - "While the price of a bag of Snickers has more than doubled, Republicans want to give the Mars family, who became 44% richer during the pandemic and are now worth $106 billion, a tax break of up to $42 billion by repealing the estate tax. Yes. Trickle down economics is very scary."
10/24/2022 Tweet - "Millions of Americans are right now struggling with the outrageous cost of child care and education in this country. But it doesn't have to be that way. Listen to what Finland's Ambassador had to say about what it looks like when a nation gets its priorities right."
10/23/2022 Tweet - "This week, I had the chance to speak with the Finnish Ambassador and I asked him what can the U.S. learn from Finland? You can watch our full conversation here:"
10/21/2022 NEWS: Sanders Holds Town Meetings in Vermont with Finnish Ambassador Mikko Hautala
10/21/2022 Tweet - "After receiving billions in federal contracts, Pfizer wants to charge up to $130 for a COVID vaccine shot that costs as little as $1.18 to manufacture -- 10,000% above cost. Enough is enough. The COVID vaccine should cost $0. Pfizer's greed is killing people throughout the world."
10/21/2022 Tweet - "While the cost of Halloween candy has surged more than 13.1% since last September, the Mars candy bar family became 44% richer during the pandemic increasing their wealth by $32.6 billion. The Mars family is now worth $106.8 billion. Do you know what's scary? Corporate greed."
10/20/2022 Tweet - "Corporate profits are at a 70-year high, median wages have gone down the sharpest in 25 years and corporations are spending $1 trillion on stock buybacks. Our goal must not be to "get wages down." Our goal must be to end corporate greed. The Fed must stop raising interest rates."
10/19/2022 Tweet - "Inflation Rate 🇪🇺: 10.9% 🇩🇪: 10.9% 🇬🇧: 10.1% 🇮🇹: 9.4% 🇪🇸: 9% 🇮🇪: 8.6% 🇺🇸: 8.2% No. Inflation is not going up in the U.S. because the working class got a $1,400 check 19 months ago. Multinational corporations are jacking up prices worldwide."
10/19/2022 Tweet - "It's outrageous that multinational corporations are demanding billions in new corporate tax breaks, including $2 billion for Raytheon. Instead, at a time when child poverty is spiking, we need to focus on supporting low-income families by extending the expanded child tax credit."
10/19/2022 MEDIA ADVISORY: Sanders Welcomes Finnish Ambassador to Vermont for Town Meetings and Exchange of Ideas

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