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Kevin McCarthy's Public Statements


On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House (CA) - District 20

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05/16/2022 Stagflation is Coming
05/10/2022 Recognizing National Police Week
05/03/2022 Tweet - "Yesterday's unprecedented leak is an attempt to severely damage the Supreme Court. This clearly coordinated campaign to intimidate and obstruct the Justices from upholding the Constitution must be immediately investigated. Full statement from @SteveScalise , @RepStefanik , & me:"
05/03/2022 House GOP Leadership's Statement on Unprecedented SCOTUS Leak
04/30/2022 Tweet - "The Biden administration's proposed Ministry of Truth is completely un-American. Republicans have already introduced legislation to stop it, and we will force votes and a discharge petition to defund this Orwellian idea."
04/29/2022 House Republicans Mark Arbor Day By Announcing Trip to Seqouia National Forest
04/29/2022 Tweet - From day one of his administration, President Biden has failed to protect our nation's security and to secure our border. He must be held accountable."
04/28/2022 Leader McCarthy: I Just Returned From the Southern Border. President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas Need to Step Up
04/28/2022 Tweet - "Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas told Congress under oath that the Biden admin has "effectively managed" the ongoing border crisis. I just returned from the border and can tell you their open border policies caused the crisis and are making it worse."
04/28/2022 Tweet - "- A shrinking economy - 40-year high record inflation - Consumers spending an additional $5,200 per year just to keep up with soaring costs In 15 months, one-party Democrat rule has squandered America's recovery and left you paying the price."
04/27/2022 Tweet - After being held captive by Russia's corrupt system since 2019, Marine Corps veteran Trevor Reed will finally be returned to US soil. Securing his freedom has been a years-long process--I am relieved for his family. I invite them all to my office to celebrate Trevor's freedom."
04/27/2022 Tweet - "FACT → Debt cannot be "forgiven." It can only be transferred. Someone always has to pay. As Socialist Democrats plot a transfer of student loan debt, here is who wins and who loses:"
04/26/2022 Tweet - "Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans from age 18-45. Where does most fentanyl enter the United States? Our southern border. Biden's Border Crisis is literally killing Americans."
04/22/2022 Tweet - "In March, encounters at our southern border reached a 22-YEAR high. Democrats' refusal to secure our border jeopardizes the safety and security of all Americans. Their negligence is reckless and hurts communities across our nation."
04/21/2022 Tweet - "American voters should determine who represents them in Congress, not well-funded political activists. Marc Elias' case against Rep. Taylor Greene is undemocratic & un-American."
04/21/2022 Tweet - "From the border, to crime, to the cost of gas--Democrats' radical, socialist policies are costing Americans. America can't afford another two years of Democrats' one-party rule."
04/18/2022 Tweet - "Democrats' irresponsible spending has spiked record inflation. President Biden's irresponsible actions have spurred a border crisis. This Administration's irresponsible policies have led to dangerous streets and ineffective schools."
04/13/2022 From Farm to Table: How Biden's Inflation is Eating into Your Meals
04/12/2022 Tweet - "Runaway inflation is crushing American families and our economy. Under President Biden, prices are accelerating faster than any time in more than 40 years, sucking up paychecks and draining savings. Americans can't afford Democrat one-party rule."
04/11/2022 Tweet - "Next stop → Romania. My delegation met the country's top government officials and visited our Marines and troops stationed there. Romania has done a great job increasing its contribution to NATO and is a strong partner in helping Ukrainians in their time of need."
04/10/2022 Tweet - "The world is watching and rooting for Ukraine. I'm proud to lead a bipartisan delegation to the region to thank our U.S. troops, to show our support for our strategic partner, Poland, and to hear directly from Ukrainians about Putin's unprovoked attacks."
04/10/2022 Leader McCarthy Delegation Arrives in Poland
04/08/2022 Former Rep. Greg Walden's Portrait Unveiling
04/07/2022 Tweet - "Republicans tried 70 times to STOP President Biden from ending Title 42. And Democrats blocked us each and every time. The Democrat Party is now responsible for making every city in America a border city."
04/07/2022 Tweet - "President Biden is breaking records. Not even 6 months into the fiscal year and border encounters are already eclipsing most past year totals. The Biden Border Crisis is getting worse--and Democrats have no plan to deal with it."

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