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Kevin McCarthy's Public Statements

  • U.S. House (CA) - District 23, Republican Minority Leader
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04/08/2021 Tweet - "President Biden has ordered the DOJ to issue new rules that will surely result in unconstitutional overreach. Republicans will strongly oppose and pursue every option--be it legislative or judicial--to protect the right to keep and bear arms from infringement by this Administration"
04/08/2021 Tweet - "President Biden said the surge was seasonal. But the #'s don't lie -- 172k migrants were taken into custody last month, a two-decade high. The DHS Secretary is heading to the border today but is denying press access. Americans deserve transparency on the crisis the Admin created."
04/07/2021 Letter to Marybel Batjer, President of the California Public Utilities Commission - McCarthy, Bost, CA House GOP, and HVAC Fight for CA Veterans' Telehealth Services
04/07/2021 Tweet - "President Biden plans to announce his attempts to trample over our constitutional 2A rights by executive fiat. He is soft on crime, but infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens. I won't stand for it. And neither will House Republicans. Follow the Constitution!"
04/07/2021 Tweet - "Thanks to the safe vaccines from Operation Warp Speed, we will defeat the virus. But forcing Americans to carry a "vaccine passport" to go about daily life is unacceptable in a free society. That's something you'd expect in Communist China. Not in the United States of America."
04/06/2021 Tweet - "President Biden wants to hike the corporate tax up to 28% from 21%. That results in higher prices for you and for small businesses struggling to stay afloat. It also makes America less competitive. Since 2017, 9 countries have lowered corporate tax rates to compete with the US."
04/06/2021 Letter to the Hon. Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Hon. William J. Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency - McCarthy Requests Meeting With FBI, CIA Directors Over National Security Threat at the Border
04/06/2021 Tweet - "READ (special character) I just sent this letter to FBI Director Wray and CIA Director Burns requesting a briefing on individuals on the Terrorism Watch List detained at our southern border. This proves what Democrats have denied for weeks: Biden's border crisis is a national security threat.
04/05/2021 Tweet - "Every day, 1000+ migrants cross our border unencountered by Border Patrol. Thankfully, two men from Yemen on the terrorist watch list were just caught and arrested. But what about the other "getaways?" What is President Biden's plan to address this national security threat?"
04/05/2021 Tweet - "The success of Operation Warp Speed should make us all proud of what it tells us about America. → We are still the land of innovation."
04/03/2021 Tweet - "Today marks 2,000 days since the government of Iran started illegally detaining American citizen Siamak Namazi. I have met with his family, and we will not rest until he and his father Baquer are safely returned. Iran must be held accountable for its crimes."
04/02/2021 Tweet - "It took President Biden just two months to create a border surge* that surpasses any from the two previous administrations. *But it's totally not a crisis."
04/01/2021 Tweet - "Not an April Fools joke: President Biden's so-called "infrastructure" plan spends less than 6% to repair bridges, highways, and roads."
04/01/2021 Tweet - "The results of Biden's border policies are in plain view, and they are deeply unsettling. He has created a humanitarian crisis."
04/01/2021 The NeverEnding Project: CA High-Speed Rail and the Boondoggle that Couldn't
03/30/2021 Tweet - "The WHO Covid report is a complete failure. It has been more than a year since China's deceptions allowed a pandemic to spread around the globe, and they continue to hide the truth from the world. The U.S. must continue to demand a full, thorough investigation."
03/30/2021 Tweet - "This is just wrong. It's been more than a year since millions of American students have stepped foot in a classroom, and now our kids are being put last once again."
03/29/2021 Letter to the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives - Leader McCarthy Sends Letter to Speaker Pelosi on IA-02
03/28/2021 Tweet - "One thing is abundantly clear this border crisis started on January 20. It started when President Biden stopped building the wall--even though there were only a few miles left to complete--and when he promised to make 11 million illegal immigrants citizens."
03/27/2021 Tweet - "When candidate Biden said to "immediately surge to the border," we knew his immigration policies would be bad. These are the consequences: 18,000 unaccompanied minors in custody COVID positive illegal immigrants released into the U.S. The worst border crisis in history"
03/26/2021 Tweet - "Democrats refuse to admit it now, but in 2019, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi had no problem saying there was a "crisis" at the border. Today, nearly twice as many unaccompanied migrant children are being apprehended daily at our Southern Border as at the 2019 peak. What changed?"
03/26/2021 Tweet - "When President Biden imposed a $1.9 trillion new burden on American families, he stuffed it full of that will leave our children and grandchildren worse off, while it provides payoffs to special interests and non-health related pet projects."
03/25/2021 Tweet - "Qs for President Biden on education: 1. Students deserve to be in school 5 days a week. What is your admin doing to ensure children get the education they deserve? 2. Will you call on teachers unions to follow the science and CDC guidance to allow for 3 ft of distancing?"
03/25/2021 Tweet - "California's restrictive, overreaching net neutrality law should serve as an example to the rest of the country that government overregulation of internet service providers has consequences, and California's most vulnerable veterans are paying the price."
03/25/2021 Tweet - ""It happens every single solitary year." President Biden claimed the dramatic increase in migrants flooding our southern border is totally normal for this time of year. FALSE. 2015: 24k 2016: 26k 2017: 18k 2018: 26k 2019: 66k 2020: 30k 2021: More than 100k"

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