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James Risch's Public Statements

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Date Title
03/12/2024 Risch Welcomes Polish President Duda to U.S. Senate
03/07/2024 Risch: Biden’s Foreign Policy Has Made America Less Safe
03/07/2024 Ranking Member Risch Opening Statement at Nominations Hearing
03/05/2024 Ranking Member Risch Opening Statement at Hearing on Global Food Security
03/04/2024 Risch on New Global Magnitsky Sanctions on Zimbabwe
03/01/2024 Risch, Manchin, Barrasso, Cardin, Colleagues Urge Senate Leadership to Move Compacts of Free Association Forward
01/16/2024 Motion to Discharge--S. Res. 504
12/14/2023 -9999
11/15/2023 Risch Vote to Stop Biden Admin Student Loan Scheme
11/15/2023 Risch on Biden-Xi Meeting
10/31/2023 -9999
10/26/2023 Motion to Discharge--S.J. Res 44
09/29/2023 Cardin, Risch Lead Colleagues in Resolution Calling for Evan Gershkovich's Release
09/29/2023 Cardin, Risch Meet with NATO Ambassadors
09/20/2023 Menendez, Risch: U.S. Must Do More to Support Taiwanese Partners in International Community
09/15/2023 Menendez, Risch, Shaheen, Ricketts Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Celebrating 30 Years of Czech and Slovakian Independence
09/08/2023 Risch on Termination of Virus Hunting Program
09/06/2023 Ranking Member Risch Opening Statement at Hearing on AUKUS
08/31/2023 Risch, McCaul Statement on Recent Coup in Gabon
08/30/2023 Risch Joins Tim Scott, Colleagues in Demanding Biden Administration Investigate Chinese Communist Party Influence in American K-12 Schools
08/25/2023 Risch Statement on Elections in Zimbabwe
08/22/2023 Menendez, Risch, McCaul Condemn PARLACEN's Decision to Expel Taiwan
08/18/2023 Risch Joins Scott, GOP Colleagues in Demanding Answers After Biden Admin Releases $6 Billion to Iran in Secret Negotiation
08/18/2023 Risch, McCaul Statement on Nicaragua's Proposal to Expel Taiwan as a Permanent Observer of the Central American Parliament and Invite China

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