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Cathy Rodgers' Public Statements

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05/24/2023 Halt All Lethal Trafficking of Fentanyl Act
05/23/2023 Providing for Congressional Disapproval of the Rule Submitted By the Environmental Protection Agency Relating to ``Control of Air Pollution From New Motor Vehicles: Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards''
04/13/2023 Recognizing Rich Hadley
03/29/2023 Lower Energy Costs Act
03/07/2023 Removing Extraneous Loopholes Insuring Every Veteran Emergency Act
02/28/2023 Chair Rodgers: "We are Leading Today for American Energy to Build a Prosperous Future"
02/27/2023 Chairs Rodgers, McCaul to Biden: America's Sovereign Rights Must Be Protected
02/27/2023 Chair Rodgers: HHS's OIG Report Confirms our Concerns with NIH's Funding of EcoHealth Alliance
02/27/2023 Letter to Anne Vogel, Director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - E&C Leaders Send Letters to Ohio, Pennsylvania State Environmental Protection Agencies for Details on East Palestine Train Derailment Response
02/27/2023 Bipartisan E&C Leaders Commend Passage of Bipartisan FCC Auction Authority Bill
02/27/2023 Extension of Fcc Auction Authority
02/26/2023 E&C GOP Leaders Statement on COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Report
02/24/2023 Permitting Reform is the Best Way to Secure a Strong Domestic Chips Industry
02/24/2023 Rodgers, Smith: Biden Admin Doubles Down on Restricting Medicare Coverage for Seniors
02/22/2023 Chair Rodgers Calls on the EPA to Abandon its Campaign to Jeopardize Grid Reliability and Shut Down American Energy
02/17/2023 Letter to Michael Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Rodgers and Johnson to Regan: We Need Details on EPA's Response to the Ohio Train Derailment
02/16/2023 Letter to Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Energy - E&C GOP Chairs Lay Out Expectations for Biden Agency Cooperation
02/16/2023 Chair Rodgers: Biden's War on American Energy Means Lost Livelihoods in Places Like Midland, TX
02/15/2023 Chair Rodgers Statement on Biden Draining the SPR to New Low with No Plan to Refill
02/15/2023 Chair Rodgers: Biden's Border Crisis is a Public Health Crisis
02/10/2023 Chair Rodgers Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination Addition to CDC Immunization Schedule
02/08/2023 Chair Rodgers: Biden's Public Health Officials Have Broken People's Trust
02/08/2023 Chairs Rodgers, Guthrie Applaud Passage of H.R. 185
02/07/2023 Chair Rodgers Statement on Defending the Dignity of Human Life
02/07/2023 President Biden's Agenda Emboldens China

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