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Tammy Baldwin's Public Statements

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12/21/2021 Tweet - "In 2019, I introduced the bipartisan National Suicide Hotline Designation Act. In 2020, I worked to pass it in Congress and make it law. Now the Biden Administration is investing $282 million to help transition the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to 988 and help save lives."
12/21/2021 Tweet - "Wisconsin, we are all in this together, please #GetVaccinated #GetBoosted"
12/21/2021 Baldwin Condemns Reported Civil Rights Abuses in Cameroon and Calls for #CameroonTPS
12/21/2021 Van Hollen, Warren, Baldwin, Maloney Reintroduce Landmark CARE Act to Combat the Substance Use Epidemic
12/21/2021 Tweet - "It's good to have a @POTUS taking action to protect people, and help Wisconsin communities and hospitals battle Omicron."
12/20/2021 Tweet - "I won't let 51 Senators stop me from continuing my work to extend tax cuts, create jobs, and lower the cost of child care, health care, home health care, and prescription drugs. I stand on the side of Wisconsin working families and delivering results for them. #BuildBackBetter"
12/20/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph Biden, President of the United States and Hon. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security -
12/20/2021 Senator Baldwin Praises Federal Investment of $282 million in the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Support to States to Implement 988
12/20/2021 Letter to Hon. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States, Hon. Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Hon. Ur Jaddou, Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services - Senator Markey and Rep. Moulton Lead Bicameral Group of Colleagues With Concerns About Restrictive and Inconsistent Afghan Humanitarian Parole Process
12/20/2021 Tweet - "I worked to pass my bipartisan 988 legislation and this American Rescue Plan federal investment will help ensure states have the support to strengthen local crisis call centers and save lives."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "A move towards justice for the victims of the opioid epidemic. This decision will hold the Sackler family accountable for their actions and the pain and devastation they've caused for millions across this country."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "45,000 children in Wisconsin have been lifted out of poverty thanks to the Child Tax Credit. I'm working to extend this tax cut for Wisconsinites because I know it has been an essential lifeline during the pandemic for so many hard working families."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "Our Build Back Better budget makes the wealthiest people and largest corporations pay their fair share of taxes so we can invest in an economy that starts working for families, cut taxes, lower costs, and create good paying jobs."
12/17/2021 Executive Calendar
12/17/2021 Tweet - "Every Wisconsinite needs access to clean drinking water, an environment free of chemicals, high-speed internet, and stable electricity. The Biden administration's commitment to rural communities makes that a reality, while also creating good-paying jobs."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "We're already seeing how the bipartisan infrastructure law allows us to create good paying jobs and put Wisconsin to work fixing our roads and bridges. These federal funds, which not one Wisconsin Republican voted for, are just the beginning."
12/17/2021 Tweet - "I support taking action to combat the opioid epidemic and substance abuse crisis with the #CAREAct, which delivers a sustained funding source for our local and state partners to support prevention, treatment and recovery efforts."
12/16/2021 Tweet - "Here's what the #ChildTaxCredit is going towards: keeping food on the table providing child care or daycare buying school supplies paying the bills We have to extend this program for the millions of families counting on it. We have to #BuildBackBetter."
12/16/2021 Tweet - "Finding affordable, quality pre-K was difficult even before the pandemic. To get parents and our economy back to work, our #BuildBackBetter legislation invests in early childhood education and makes child care more affordable."
12/16/2021 Tweet - "Working families in Wisconsin face rising costs and for many, finding affordable child care has been a major barrier to re-entering the workforce. I'm working to lower costs and make high quality child care more affordable. #BuildBackBetter"
12/16/2021 Tweet - "#CareIsEssential and we need to respect and reward the workers that provide it to our loved ones. They need support and I am working to make sure we raise wages for home health care workers. #InvestInCare"
12/16/2021 Tweet - "The fleecing of Wisconsin taxpayers by Vos and Gableman should end. It is an embarrassment to Wisconsin and nothing more than a taxpayer funded promotion of Trump's Big Lie."
12/16/2021 Tweet - "One of Wisconsin's own is headed to Luxembourg. Congratulations to Tom Barrett who has committed his life to public service and will now serve with the highest level of integrity as US Ambassador to Luxembourg."
12/16/2021 -9999
12/16/2021 Tweet - "Every worker deserves a union. Pass it on."

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