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Jill Stein's Public Statements

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11/07/2016 Jill Stein Files FEC Complaint Against Trump, Clinton for Illegal Super PAC Coordination
10/26/2016 Stein/Baraka Say US Elections May Be Rigged - But Not How Trump Thinks
10/25/2016 Stein/Baraka Campaign Calss for Nationwide Transition to Ranked Choice Voting
10/21/2016 Stein Urges Support for over 250 Green Party Candidates
10/16/2016 Jill Stein Continues to Call for Open Debates Despite Commission Decision
10/03/2016 Stein/Baraka Condemn Interstate Crosscheck and Other Voter Suppression Schemes
09/10/2016 Jill Stein Responds to Russian Environmentalists
09/09/2016 Green Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Will Make Campaign Stop in Des Moines on Sunday
09/07/2016 Jill Stein, Facing Possible Charges for Protest, Calls Out Dakota Access Pipeline for "Vandalism on Steroid"
08/31/2016 Issue Position: Criminal Justice Reform
08/26/2016 As Trump and Clinton Exchange Barbs, Stein Listens to Struggling Public Housing Tenants, Homeless and Vets in Baltimore
08/24/2016 Stein and Baraka Call for Halt to Dakota Access Pipeline Construction, Say US Must Honor Treaties with Native Americans
08/06/2016 Transcript: Jill Stein Accepts the Green Party Nomination
08/01/2016 Jill Stein Selects Human Rights Activist Ajamu Baraka as Vice-Presidential Running Mate
07/22/2016 Jill Stein Says Leaked Emails Prove DNC Sabotage; Urges Sanders to Withdraw Clinton Endorsement, Explore Collaboration with Green Party
07/15/2016 Jill Stein's Statement on the Tragedy in Nice, France
07/12/2016 Jill Stein Responds to Sanders' Endorsement of Clinton
07/06/2016 Stein: Prosecute Clinton for Reckless Abuses of National Security
06/30/2016 Stein Says Congressional Deal on Puerto Rico Continues Colonial Exploitation
06/24/2016 Stein Calls Britain Vote a Wake-up Call
06/23/2016 Stein Calls Latest Gray Verdict "A Sickening Miscarriage of Justice"
06/21/2016 Stein: Trump, Clinton Are Both Right. Each Is Bad for the American Economy
06/12/2016 Jill Stein's Statement on Orlando Tragedy
06/11/2016 Jill Stein's Statement on Sanders' Clinton Announcement
06/09/2016 Jill Stein to Bernie Sanders: Run on the Green Party Ticket

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