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John Thune's Public Statements

  • U.S. Senate (SD) - Sr, Republican Minority Whip
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04/05/2021 Tweet - "Even Democrats agree this is the Biden administration's own crisis to fix. The president can start by reinstating policies that worked and enforcing our border. Border resources are overwhelmed. The president can't afford to wait or ignore this any longer."
04/03/2021 Tweet - "The March jobs report is resounding evidence that, under @HouseDemocrats & @POTUS, Help Is Here. Over 100M vaccine doses & 100M checks have been delivered and nearly $1 trillion are being put in workers' pockets by the life-saving #AmericanRescuePlan."
04/03/2021 Tweet - "Help Is Here! Thanks to the #AmericanRescuePlan, we have regained nearly 62% of the 22.2M jobs lost during the pandemic. We're putting vaccines in arms and money in pockets to help get people back in jobs!"
04/02/2021 Pelosi Statement on March Jobs Report
04/01/2021 Tweet - "Powerful footage exposing how smugglers/cartels are brazenly exploiting Biden's policies to traffic vulnerable women & children into our country at a profit of over $14 million/ day (special character). You can read about this crisis in the news, but you have to see it to comprehend the magnitude."
04/01/2021 Tweet - "Heard many stories of kids in dangerous situations b/c this admin made them a loophole to game the system: 5-year-old kids traveling alone, 2-year-olds w/ strangers -- CBP officers see it every day. Mr. President, this is what an open border looks like (special character)"
03/31/2021 Tweet - "As long as the Biden admin continues to implement policies that give the impression of an open, porous border, people are going to keep flooding into our country."
03/29/2021 Tweet - "Had a candid convo at the SF Rotary today. One thing I discussed was the dangers I see w/ social media. Big tech's goal is to keep you on the platform, so they reinforce what you already believe. My bill requires big tech to tell you when your feed is being manipulated by AI."
03/26/2021 Tweet - "Strong border security, enforcing immigration laws, stopping asylum abuse, and cracking down on the traffickers and cartels that prey on migrants are among the steps the administration should take to end the Biden border crisis."
03/26/2021 Tweet - "Being told by CBP that Biden border crisis was totally avoidable if this admin had listened to the warnings of our border experts. Once again, they caved to their political left, and the result is a humanitarian and public safety emergency, which is worsening by the day."
03/26/2021 Tweet - "Midnight on the Rio Grande -- visible lights from smugglers on the Mexican side of the border. Hearing stories that these smugglers are charging upwards of $6,000, much of which flows to drug cartels."
03/26/2021 Tweet - "What I'm seeing on the border is harrowing: facilities are dangerously overcrowded, border patrol officers are overwhelmed & under-supported, smugglers (often w/ties to drug cartels) are profiting massively, hundreds of scared kids are on their own."
03/25/2021 Tweet - "President Biden talked an awful lot about "creating jobs" and the "average American" for a person who took jobs away from over 10,000 Americans on his first day in office. #KeystoneXL"
03/25/2021 Letter to Joe Biden, President of the United States - Bipartisan Group of Senators Make Case for Comprehensive Diplomatic Approach Towards Iran in New Letter to President Biden
03/25/2021 Tweet - "It's amazing that President Biden can still stand in front of the American people and talk about unity when he seems open to the idea of potentially cutting half the Senate out of the lawmaking process."
03/25/2021 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
03/25/2021 Letter to Honorable Joseph R. Biden, President of The United States - Crapo Joins Bipartisan Group to Make Case for Comprehensive Diplomatic Approach Toward Iran
03/25/2021 Ppp Extension Act of 2021
03/25/2021 Thune, Shaheen, Fischer Introduce Legislation to Incentivize Capital Investments in Rural Businesses
03/25/2021 Tweet - "POTUS claimed that the filibuster has been "abused in a gigantic way." There have been *zero* filibusters this Congress. So he must be referring to last Congress? Or the one before that? Or the one before that? You know, during the 6 years when Dems filibustered GOP initiatives."
03/25/2021 Preventing Across-The-Board Direct Spending Cuts
03/24/2021 For the People Act of 2021
03/24/2021 Filibuster
03/24/2021 Tweet - ". @USDA is doing the right thing & moving forward with the additional CFAP assistance that Congress provided last year. I'll continue pressing USDA to assist our farmers, ranchers, and biofuel producers affected by the pandemic. Learn more:"
03/24/2021 Tweet - "What's the first bill Dems would likely pass if they break the Senate filibuster rule? A bill to federalize elections, restrict states' rights, & eliminate protections for election integrity."

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