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John Thune's Public Statements

  • U.S. Senate (SD) - Sr, Republican Minority Whip
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02/25/2021 -9999
02/25/2021 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolution
02/25/2021 -9999
02/25/2021 Agriculture
02/24/2021 -9999
02/24/2021 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolution
02/23/2021 Vote on Thomas-Greenfield Nomination
02/23/2021 Cloture Motion
02/23/2021 Coronavirus
02/22/2021 Cloture Motion
02/19/2021 A South Dakota Approach to Clean Energy
02/17/2021 Letter to the Hon. Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury, and Tami Perriello, Acting Administrator of the Small Business Administration - Rep. Kind, Sens. Baldwin and Thune, Lead Bipartisan Push to Make More Farmers and Ranchers Eligible for Paycheck Protection Program Loans
02/13/2021 Thune Statement on Conclusion of Senate Impeachment Trial
02/08/2021 Vote on McDonough Nomination
02/08/2021 Letter to the Hon. Charles Schumer, Senate Majority Leader - Grassley, Colleagues Stand Up For Pro-Life Protections
02/08/2021 Tweet - "I voted in support of @DenisMcDonough's confirmation as VA secretary. We had a good discussion on a range of issues facing our veterans, including the mental health crisis made worse by the pandemic, rural veterans' access to care, & the importance of the Hot Springs VA facility."
02/05/2021 Tweet - "Yes, college grads often trade in their cap & gown for debt & uncertainty, but there are more responsible ways to help. My proposal, which allows employers to help employees pay off student loans tax-free, became law the old fashioned way -- with bipartisan support in Congress."
02/05/2021 Letter to the Hon. Charles Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate - Rubio, Daines, 46 Senators to Schumer: We're in the Fight for Life Together
02/04/2021 Tweet - "President Biden pledged to be a president "for all Americans." What about these Americans whose jobs & businesses have been flattened by his executive orders? It's not enough to talk about unity. It has to be matched with action."
02/04/2021 Thune, Shaheen Reintroduce Bill to Advance Renewable Fuel Technologies
02/04/2021 Tweet - "Senate Dems aren't siding with teachers or students, they're siding with unions (who hold the purse strings). Study after study has shown that kids need to be back in school ASAP."
02/04/2021 Letter to the Hon. Jane Nishida, Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Grassley, Klobuchar Lead Colleagues In Urging EPA To Restore Integrity To RFS
02/04/2021 Thune Introduces Amendment to Relieve Mobile and Remote Workers of Unfair Tax Burdens Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic
02/04/2021 Tweet - "If Democrats are going to push through more COVID relief on a partisan basis, they should include my fix that would protect health care workers & those working remotely from surprise tax bills."
02/03/2021 Tweet - "I'm focused on making policies that create good-paying jobs. I just announced a bipartisan bill that would help workers get the skills they need to succeed in telecom jobs & also help address workforce shortages that could hinder deployment of #5G & rural broadband -- a win-win."

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