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David Vitter's Public Statements

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11/26/2013 Letter to Senator Menendez and Senator Corker - Iran Agreement
11/26/2013 Coats Urges Strict Congressional Oversight of Iran Nuclear Deal
11/25/2013 Vitter Statement on Obama's Deal With Iran to Weaken Sanctions
11/25/2013 Department of Justice Responds to Senators' Letter from January Requesting Clarification of Department Policy for Selectively Enforcing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
11/25/2013 Letter to Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration - Calling For Changes to FDA Proposed Rules
11/22/2013 EPA Decision to Continue Violating Administrative Procedure Act
11/22/2013 Brown, Vitter and Levin Urge Regulators to Increase Capital Requirements
11/22/2013 How Is Obamacare Affecting Your Family?
11/22/2013 Letter to Chairman Bernanke, Chairman Gruenberg, and Comptroller of the Currency - Increase Capital Requirements; Preventing Future Bailouts for Largest Institutions
11/21/2013 Vitter: Senate Democrats' Rule Change is Scary and Dictatorial
11/21/2013 Letter to David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor - Conduct Proper Assessment of Proposed Rule on Silica Exposure
11/20/2013 Vitter has Bipartisan Bill to Reform Compensation Method For Investment Fraud like Stanford Ponzi Scheme Victims
11/20/2013 Vitter Optimistic about WRDA Conference
11/20/2013 Vitter Comments on Breakthrough for VA Clinics in Lafayette, Lake Charles
11/20/2013 Vitter Optimistic about WRDA Conference
11/19/2013 National Review - Show Your Exemption, Washington!
11/19/2013 Vitter Calls Dropping Part of Louisiana School Voucher Lawsuit a Temporary Victory
11/19/2013 Vitter: Progress on Yucca Mountain Unlikely to Happen Under Previous Leadership and Without Litigation
11/19/2013 Momentum Builds for ObamaCare Bailout Prevention Bill
11/19/2013 Following Interior Department's Delayed Disbursement of Millions in 2013 Mineral Leasing Revenues, Bennet Urges Senate Passage of Return our State Shares Act
11/18/2013 Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Affordable Care Act Exchanges
11/18/2013 Letter to Sylvia Matthews Burrwell, Director of The Office of Management and Budget - Update Revenue Numbers for Oil, Gas, Coal, Wind and Solar
11/18/2013 Letter to General Wesley K. Clark, Wesley K. Clark & Associates, LLC - Who's Paying for the Free Government Cell Phone Program?
11/15/2013 Letter to Administrator Howard Shelanski, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs - Halt EPA's Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Change
11/15/2013 Vitter: EPA Finally Acknowledges Renewable Fuel Standard Mandate is Unsustainable, Admits Need for Further Reduction

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