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Chuck Grassley's Public Statements

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12/22/2005 Grassley Continues Review of Allegations Related to Human Subject Research Protection
12/22/2005 Grassley Seeks to Keep Access to Therapy Services for Medicare Beneficiaries
12/22/2005 LIHEAP Funding Wiped Out of Defense Appropriations Bill
12/22/2005 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Enrollment
12/22/2005 Letter from Chairman Grassley to the Acting Commissioner of the FDA Asking for Account of FDA Monitoring of Human Drug Testing
12/21/2005 Statement of Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley Regarding Dec. 19, 2005 Response from the Health Resources and Services Administration......
12/21/2005 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005--Conference Report
12/21/2005 Senate Votes on the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
12/20/2005 Indian Health Care Improvement Act
12/20/2005 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005--Conference Report
12/20/2005 Grassley Seeks IRS Guidance and Vigilance on Car Donations
12/19/2005 Grassley Scores Major Victory for Families with Disabled Children
12/19/2005 Grassley Fixes Plan to Distribute Additional Home-Heating Dollars this Winter
12/19/2005 Technical Description for Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005
12/19/2005 Internal Revenue Code Section 664(G)
12/18/2005 Grassley Disappointed as Ministerial Ends, But Doha Round is Far from Over
12/17/2005 Grassley: Congress Would Reject Current WTO Draft
12/16/2005 Grassley: Farmers Should Have More Options in Contract Disputes
12/16/2005 Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005
12/16/2005 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
12/16/2005 Grassley to Natural Gas Companies: Finalize Alaska Pipeline Negotiations
12/15/2005 Grassley Says It's Time to Ignore the Sideshows, Get Ambitious in Hong Kong
12/15/2005 Retirement Savings: Big Savings Gap
12/14/2005 Grassley Hopes U.S. Trade Aid Pledge Will Jumpstart Stalled Trade Talks
12/14/2005 WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong

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