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Chuck Grassley's Public Statements

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10/05/2006 Sen. Grassley Comments on Customs Decision to Stop Crackdown on Imported Prescription Drugs
10/05/2006 Press Release - Iowa Senators Call for Much Needed Improvements in Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting
09/29/2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
09/29/2006 Bankruptcy Reform
09/29/2006 Sorry Fate of Tax Extenders in "Trailer" Package
09/29/2006 Security and Accountability for Every Port Act--Conference Report
09/29/2006 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007--Conference Report
09/29/2006 Press Release -WTO Agricultural Biotech Case
09/29/2006 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Information for 2007
09/29/2006 Grassley Comments on Passage of Secure Fence Bill
09/29/2006 Press Release - Grassley Provision to Provide More Oversight of Secure Border Initiative Contracts Included in Homeland Security Appropriations Bill
09/29/2006 Senators Will Craft New China Currency Bill
09/29/2006 Nursing Home Quality Summit at the National Academy of Sciences
09/28/2006 Press Release - Grassley: GAO Report More Reason to Pass Legislation to Curb Government Credit Card Abuse
09/28/2006 Letter to The Honorable Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army
09/28/2006 Military Commission Act of 2006
09/28/2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
09/27/2006 Grassley Responds to Attacks on Medicare's Prescription Drug Benefit
09/27/2006 Letter to The Honorable Charles Schumer, United States Senator
09/27/2006 Child and Family Services Improvement Act
09/27/2006 Retiring from the Senate
09/26/2006 Grassley's Bill to Help Children Affected by Methamphetamine Wins Final Passage
09/26/2006 War on Terror
09/26/2006 Hearing of Senate Committee on the Judiciary on "Illegal Insider Trading: How Widespread is the Problem and is There Adequate Criminal Enforcement?"
09/26/2006 Press Release - Grassley Invites EPA Administrator to Iowa to Show How Dust Rule Would Impact Family Farmers

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