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12/21/2018 Tweet - "HATCH--> I've long said that eliminating the legislative filibuster would be a mistake. It's what's prevented our country for decades from sliding toward liberalism. It's inconvenient sometimes, but requiring compromise is in the interest of both parties in the long term."
12/19/2018 Tweet - "Speaker Ryan has been a stalwart champion for the best of conservatism throughout his entire career in public service, an architect of many of our greatest victories May God bless Paul, Janna, Liza, Charlie and Sam. And then send along more Paul Ryans"
12/19/2018 Hatch, Schumer Introduce Bipartisan Sports Betting Integrity Legislation
12/19/2018 Tweet - "NEWS: Hatch and @SenSchumer just introduced a sports betting integrity bill to put in place world-class safety measures to protect consumers, preserve the integrity of sporting events, and ensure the propriety of the sports wagering market. … #utpol"
12/18/2018 Tweet - "HATCH on First Step: While there were other provisions I had hoped to include in a criminal justice reform package, this bill's focus on reentry and rehabilitation is sorely needed and I was happy to support it. Congratulations to my colleagues on a major bipartisan victory."
12/18/2018 Hatch's Traumatic Brain Injury Bill Passes Senate Unanimously
12/17/2018 Hatch's Bipartisan Emergency Medical Services for Children Bill Passes Senate
12/17/2018 Letter to the Hon. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce - Hatch, Wyden Push For Improvements to the Tariff Exclusion Process
12/17/2018 Hatch's Human Trafficking Bill Heads to President's Desk
12/15/2018 Tweet - "A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference." On this day in 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified. #BillOfRightsDay"
12/14/2018 Tweet - "NEW: Hatch on Comments He Made Earlier This Week about Accusations Against President Trump: "At a time when faith in so many of our institutions is at an all-time low, I regret speaking imprudently." Full statement here -->"
12/14/2018 Hatch on Comments He Made Earlier This Week about Accusations Against President Trump
12/14/2018 Letter to Donald Trump - Help Keystone XL Pipeline Get Completed
12/12/2018 Tweet - "In his farewell address to the Senate, Hatch issued a call to all Americans to heed our better angels, to transcend tribal politics, to return to civility, and to hearken to the voices of virtue native to our very nature."
12/12/2018 Tweet - "To achieve the unity that is our namesake we must reject the politics of division, starting with identity politics. Identity politics is nothing more than dressed-up tribalism. It is the deliberate and often unnatural segregation of people into categories for political gain."
12/11/2018 Hatch Secures Utah Priorities in Farm Bill Package
12/10/2018 Letter to Marlene Dortch, Secretary of the Federal Communications Commission - Hatch Works with FCC on Final Stages of Suicide Hotline Designation
12/10/2018 Tweet - "We could have used this "bottomless Pinocchio" during the Kavanaugh confirmation, when lies and inaccurate information were repeated dozens of times, strictly for the purpose of misinforming those who might never see ensuing corrections or fact-checks."
12/07/2018 Tweet - "HATCH on the nomination of William Barr to serve as Attorney General: "Bill Barr is an excellent choice to serve as Attorney General. His outstanding leadership, vast experience, and fine judgment will be invaluable to the Department of Justice and the country." #utpol"
12/07/2018 Tweet - "NEWS: The President has just signed Senator Hatch's legislation to help victims of child pornography-- the Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act-- into law."
12/07/2018 Hatch, Bicameral Congressmen Release Bipartisan Draft Legislation to Modernize FDA Regulation of Diagnostic Tests
12/07/2018 Hatch's Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act Signed into Law
12/06/2018 Tweet - "Senator Hatch is currently discussing the need to ensure copyright law keeps up with modernizing technology, with friends from the International Intellectual Property Alliance."
12/06/2018 Hatch Praised for Leadership in Passing CHRONIC Care Legislation
12/06/2018 Reps. Bucshon and DeGette, and Senators Bennet and Hatch Release Draft Legislation to Modernize FDA Regulation of Diagnostic Tests

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