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Brad Ellsworth's Public Statements

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09/28/2010 Letter to The President
08/04/2010 Northwest Indiana Times - Ellsworth Offers Plan to Change Washington
07/21/2010 Ellsworth Votes to Help U.S Manufacturers Compete in the Global Economy
07/21/2010 Ellsworth on Wall Street Reform Signing: Middle Class Hoosiers Investors Score Victory over Wall Street Lobbyists
07/16/2010 Letter to the Honorable Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Honorable Edolphus Towns, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
07/15/2010 Ellsworth: "Our Veterans Deserve Better"
07/15/2010 Ellsworth Applauds Senate for Passing Financial Reform
07/14/2010 Ellsworth Calls for Prompt and Thorough Investigation of BP's Alleged Involvement in the Release of Convicted Lockerbie Bomber al-Megrahi
07/04/2010 Ellsworth Raises Awareness of New Law to Protect First Responders
07/01/2010 Ellsworth Introduces Bill to Open High-Risk Pools to Chronically-Ill Patients Who Have Run Out of COBRA
06/29/2010 The Journal Gazette: Help Small Business on Ellsworth Agenda
06/28/2010 Ellsworth Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Protect Hoosiers' 2nd Amendment Rights
06/24/2010 Ellsworth Supports DISCLOSE Act to Bring Transparency and Accountability to Campaign Finance
06/17/2010 Ellsworth Votes for Small Business Loans and Tax Relief
05/18/2010 NRA-Backed Ellsworth Amendment to Re-sell Used Small Arms Ammunition is Included in DOD Authorization
05/06/2010 Home Star Energy Retrofit Act Of 2010
05/06/2010 Ellsworth Language To Reduce Wasteful Government Spending Passes House
04/28/2010 Implementing Management For Performance And Related Reforms To Obtain Value In Every Acquisition Act Of 2010
04/28/2010 Ellsworth Provision To Crack Down On Contractor Tax Cheats Passes House 417-3
04/28/2010 Ellsworth Provision To Crack Down On Contractor Tax Cheats Passes House 417-3
04/27/2010 Ellsworth Urges Senate To Work Together To Pass Real Financial Reform
02/26/2010 Ellsworth Introduces Payroll Tax Credit Bill To Spur Job Creation
01/25/2010 Letter To The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President Of The United States
01/20/2010 Obama Calls On Congress To Pass Ellsworth Bill To Crackdown On Tax Cheats
01/01/2010 Issue Position: Health Care

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