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Samuel Alito, Jr.'s Public Statements

Office: U.S. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

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Date Title
12/19/2005 Danvers Mtr Co Inc v. Ford Mtr Co
10/03/2005 MBIA Insurance Corporation; Wells Fargo Bank... v. Royal Indemnity Company
09/16/2005 Paul R. Forrest v. Beloit Corporation; Harnischfeger Industries, Inc.
09/13/2005 Jackie McDowell, et al. v. Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA); John White; Barry Miller
08/24/2005 Alfred DiGiacomo v. Teamsters Pension Trust Fund of Philadelphia and Vicinity
08/11/2005 Larry Ololade Oyebanji v. Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States of America; Mr. Cathel; The Attorney General of the State of New...
06/27/2005 Karen Overall and Arthur Dunham v. University of Pennsylvania; Gail Smith
04/21/2005 Xiu Ling Zhang v. Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States of America
03/18/2005 Trippe Manufacturing Company, an Illinois Corporation v. Niles Audio Corporations, a Florida corporation
02/25/2005 Ronald Banks v. Jeffrey Beard
02/08/2005 Curtis Brinson v. Donald Vaughn; The District Attorney of the County of Philadelphia; The Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania
12/15/2004 Pedro Yang; Carol Jackson; Peter S. Kelsch, on Behalf of Themselves and All Persons Similarly Situated... v. Steven A. Odom; Mark Gergel...
11/01/2004 Pascack Valley Hospital, Inc.; Community Medical Center, (Lawrence Taylor, Debra Saverino) v. Local 464A UFCW Welfare Reimbursement Plan
10/15/2004 Child Evangelism Fellowship of New Jersey Inc... v. Stafford Township School District; Ronald L. Meinders...
09/24/2004 In Re: G-I Holdings, Inc. f/k/a GAF Corporation, The Official Committee of Asbestos Claimants v. G-I Holdings, Inc. f/k/a GAF Corporation...
08/26/2004 Camphill Soltane v. U.S. Department of Justice; Immigration & Naturalization Service
08/20/2004 Shore Regional High School Board of Education v. P.S., On Behalf of P.S.
08/20/2004 Dennis L. Blackhawk v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Game Commission; Vernon Gross, Director...
08/09/2004 Anthony Fielder v. Benjamin Varner; The District Attorney of County of Philadelphia; Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania
07/29/2004 The Pitt News v. Gerald J. Pappert, in his capacity as Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Frank Koscelnak...
07/21/2004 Khodera Environmental, Inc., General Partner, on Behalf of Eagle Environmental, L.P. v. Marion Blakey; Federal Aviation Administration...
06/24/2004 Gui Cun Liu; Xiu Ding Liu v. John Ashcroft, Attorney General of United States of America
06/18/2004 Cai Luan Chen v. John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States
06/17/2004 Donald Benn v. Universal Health System, Inc.; Horsham Clinic; Ramesh Eluri, Dr.; Eileen Wilcox; Montgomery County MN-MR Emergency Service...
06/04/2004 Corey D. White v. Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, Local 13000

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