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Mike Bost's Public Statements

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09/20/2023 -9999
09/19/2023 Benefits for Certain Children of Vietnam Veterans and Certain Other Veterans
09/18/2023 Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2023
09/18/2023 Isakson-Roe Education Oversight Expansion Act
09/18/2023 Hiroshi ``hershey'' Miyamura Va Clinic
09/18/2023 Benefits for Certain Children of Vietnam Veterans and Certain Other Veterans
08/24/2023 On the Ground: Chairman Bost's Team Meets with VA Loma Linda Whistleblowers
07/26/2023 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2024
07/26/2023 Committee Passes 11 Bills, Including Key VA Accountability Legislation
07/19/2023 Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act
07/13/2023 Expand Safe Truck Parking
07/12/2023 Chairman Bost Delivers Opening Remarks at Oversight and Investigations Legislative Hearing On Restore VA Accountability Act
06/20/2023 Pfc. Justin T. Paton Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic
06/20/2023 Fiscal Year 2023 Veterans Affairs Major Medical Facility Authorization Act
05/22/2023 Vet-Tec Authorization Act of 2023
05/22/2023 Korean American Vietnam Allies Long Overdue for Relief Act
05/22/2023 Veterans' Compensation Cost-Of-Living Adjustment Act of 2023
05/16/2023 Granger, Carter, Bost: As Promised, House Republicans Fully Fund VA
05/11/2023 Secure the Border Act of 2023
05/10/2023 In Support of the Southwest Illinois Connector
04/26/2023 Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023
04/17/2023 Celebration of Steve Sawalich, 2023 Old King Coal
03/23/2023 Recognizing Lt. Colonel Richard Cameron Anshus for Outstanding Military Service
03/23/2023 Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois 40th Anniversary
03/22/2023 National Agriculture Day

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