California Republican Assembly

11230 Gold Express Drive
Gold River, CA



Since 1935, the California Republican Assembly (CRA) has been working to elect Republican candidates who stand for Republican principles. As California's oldest and most influential Republican volunteer organization, CRA's endorsement is a coveted privilege for those candidates who meet our high standards: conservative, principled, electable, and the overwhelming choice of our membership. When CRA endorses a candidate, we are committing volunteers, resources, and our reputation. President Ronald Reagan called the California Republican Assembly, "the conscience of the Republican Party." Chartered in 1934, the CRA is the state's oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. CRA has been working to elect Republican candidates who stand unwaveringly for Republican principles." The mission of the California Republican Assembly is: to be a responsible conservative voice for the fiscal and social betterment of California and the nation at large; to sponsor public forums which provide for the expression of conservative political points of view; to review the performance of our elected leaders and evaluate their adherence to conservative principles; to seek out and encourage qualified conservative Republican candidates to run for public office; to guide and assist Republican candidates in their campaigns for local, state, and national offices; and to increase Republican voter registration.