Equality Michigan


"Equality Michigan works to achieve full equality and respect for all people in the state of Michigan regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Equality Michigan's number one priority is a fully inclusive, non-discrimination policy by 2013, on our way to full legal equality including full marriage equality. As we achieve this change, we will count and counter through advocacy services acts of discrimination from bullying in the schoolyard, to wrongful termination in the workplace, to acts of violence committed against LGBT people in our community. The Equality Michigan staff is a diverse group of people who are considered national experts in their respective areas of work. Our Board of Trustees is an intentionally diverse group comprised of lesbian, gays, bisexual, transgender and allied community leaders from across of Michigan. Our advisors are an impressive group of individuals who support our causes and advocate for change in their contributions to our organization." "Equality Michigan is the result of the merger of the two premiere LGBT organizations in our state, previously known as the Triangle Foundation and Michigan Equality. This decision was made to better fight for equality Michigan's diverse LGBT community and realize of our ongoing vision."

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