Freedom Democrats


"We (Freedom Democrats) believe strongly in the roots of liberalism, a word that originates from the Latin liber which means "free." We believe in personal liberty, the freedom from all forms of oppression. We believe in political liberty, the freedom of a political process that is democratic and accountable to the people. We believe in economic liberty, the freedom of a marketplace of individuals involved in trade and competition free from state coercion. We believe in social liberty, the freedom of a culture where individuals live as they wish by setting their own moral compass. We stand for an Inclusive Democratic Commonwealth. America is home to a rich diversity of religions, races, and ethnicities. We believe in a Democratic Party that serves as a big tent political party for a big tent nation. Americans are entitled to the same fundamental rights and liberties regardless of religion, gender, race or sexual orientation. " This organization has dissolved. Its archives are kept here as a public service. - Project Vote Smart