LGBT Democrats of Virginia

Post Office Box 6243
Arlington, VA


"The LGBT and Families and Friends Stonewall Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia was formed in July 2009 and approved by the Steering Committee and full Central Committee of the DPVA at the September 2009 meeting in Fredericksburg. The purposes of the caucus are to present issues and act as an advocate for LGBT persons within the Democratic Party of Virginia; help elect Democratic candidates by providing a centralized repository of expertise and a clearinghouse for all LGBT campaign activities through working with various Democratic campaigns by organizing LGBT persons in Virginia to promote the values of service, competence and honor in support of the Democratic Party and its candidates; encourage participation of LGBT persons in the party; encourage, educate, and finance LGBT persons who aspire to public office; and raise awareness of LGBT issues in the Commonwealth and the Democratic Party of Virginia. Caucus membership includes leaders within the state party, district committees, and local committees; leaders of organizations such as the Virginia Young Democrats, Equality Virginia, and Virginia Partisans; current and former elected officials from the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates; and successful campaign managers and field organizers within Virginia. The caucus is currently petitioning the Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia to include a member of the caucus on the steering committee. This petition is supported by letters of recommendation from Delegate Adam Ebbin, Delegate David Englin, Delegate Delores McQuinn, and candidate for the House of Delegates, Cynthia Neff. These recommendations emphasize the strong level of support that members of the LGBT community have provided to previous and ongoing campaigns. Caucus members have been reaching out to congressional leaders in the hopes of clarifying positions, records, and building mutually beneficial relationships while fulfilling the purposes of the caucus."

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