Hawaii State Teachers Association

1200 Ala Kapuna Street
Honolulu, HI



"On January 1, 1971, with the formal incorporation of the Hawaii State Teachers Association, a core group of dedicated visionaries came together to form the frontline in the battle to bring education and teacher issues to the forefront of the State's public agenda. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, many of those same leaders are still fighting for teachers' rights. Today, they are focused on a new set of goals and priorities, but their ideals remain the same - to make school a better place for teachers and students alike. Education is the fundamental foundation of our society. This simple principle drives the ongoing efforts of the Association as it represents teachers in the workplace and beyond. The Association works, not simply to get "perks" for teachers, but to create an environment where teachers have every opportunity to do their best for the students. HSTA has long recognized that students are the true beneficiaries of education - advances made on behalf of teachers benefit students - and the more students gain from education, the more we all gain in the long run."

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