GOPAC Election Fund

1201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 2110
Arlington, VA



"The GOPAC Election Fund is dedicated to assisting GOPAC affiliated legislators running for federal and state offices. For nearly four decades, GOPAC's programs have focused on ensuring the Republican Party has a healthy roster of prepared and tested leaders ready to run for higher office. Because these leaders have participated in GOPAC programs, we know they have the knowledge, experience, and integrity to succeed. Our investments in U.S. Senate and House elections include donating up to the maximum allowable federal contribution to our endorsed candidates and encouraging our members to donate directly. We also bolster our endorsed candidates through independent expenditures that will exclusively tout their biography and ideas. Our investments in statewide and state legislative elections include donating up to the maximum allowable state contribution. In state races, the GOPAC Election Fund also invests in independent and coordinated expenditures as allowable by state law."

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