Rating Group: Nevada Conservation League

2007 Positions on Environmental Conservation

Issues: Environment

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results per page:
State Office Name Party Rating
NV U.S. House - 1 Dina Titus Democratic 94
NV U.S. House - 2 Mark Amodei Republican 75
NV U.S. House - 4 Steven Horsford Democratic 75
NV State Assembly - 14 Maggie Carlton Democratic 88
NV State Senate - 2 Mo Denis Democratic 100
NV State Senate - 12 Joe Hardy Republican 92
NV State Senate - 15 Heidi Seevers Gansert Republican 92
NV State Senate - 17 James Settelmeyer Republican 92
NV State Senate - 19 Pete Goicoechea Republican 92
NV State Senate - 21 James Ohrenschall Democratic 100
NV Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske Republican 75
NV Mayor - At-Large John Lee 81
NV Commissioner - B Marilyn Kirkpatrick 100
NV Commissioner - E Tick Segerblom 100
Francis Allen 92
Bernard Anderson 100
Morse Arberry, Jr. 100
Kelvin Atkinson 100
Robert Beers 75
Robert Beers 92
David Bobzien 100
Barbara Buckley 100
Terry John Care 88
John Carpenter 92
Chad Christensen 91
Jerry Claborn 100
Tyrus Cobb 92
Bob Coffin 75
Marcus Conklin 100
Susan Gerhardt 100
Edwin Goedhart 92
Tom Grady 92
Warren Hardy II 75
Joe Heck, Jr. 75
Joseph Hogan 100
William Horne 100
Ruben Kihuen 100
Ellen Koivisto 100
Sheila Leslie 100
R. Garn Mabey, Jr. 92
Mark Manendo 100
John Marvel 92
Bernice Mathews 75
Kathryn McClain 100
Mike McGinness 75
Harry Mortenson 100
Harvey Munford 100
Dennis Nolan 75
John Oceguera 100
David Parks 100
Bonnie Parnell 100
Margaret Pierce 100
William Raggio 80
Dean Rhoads 75
Michael Schneider 75
Debbie Smith 100
Lynn Stewart 92
Randolph Townsend 75
Maurice Washington 75
Valerie Weber 92
Valerie Wiener 88
RoseMary Womack 100
Joyce Woodhouse 88