American Women's Party



"The American Women's Party is an inclusive and intersectional organization supporting the rights of all women. We advocate on behalf of women of all sexual orientations, gender representations, religions, socioeconomic levels, ethnicities, and the disability community. The American Women's Party is a platform from which women are empowered to enter public service and to become the female leaders of the future. The American Women's Party aims for political parity on the local, state and federal level, as we understand that women are directly affected by policies in ways that are not currently addressed in government. We will fight against prejudice and the double standard by which the achievements of women are judged. We will focus on issues of voter suppression, healthcare, economics, education, criminal justice, gun sense, non-violent conflict resolution, cybersecurity and the environment with a specific emphasis on the impact of existing laws on women in these areas. Our goal is to formulate innovative policies to address the complex and daunting challenges of the 21st Century and to advocate on behalf of political candidates that align with our progressive priorities. The American Women's Party believes that we, the 51% of the American population, have it within our means to create a more equitable, sustainable, tolerant and compassionate society." The group is now known as All Women's Progress Party. -- Project Vote Smart

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