Foreign Policy For America

1301 K Street NW, Suite 300W
Washington, DC



"We believe American foreign policy should be rooted in our highest values as a country: that all people are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights - rights that successive generations of Americans have championed, step by hard fought step, at home and abroad. We are inspired by the conviction, articulated by successive generations of American leaders, that in an increasingly interconnected world, the security and well-being of Americans depend on the security and well-being of those outside our borders. We are realistic about the dangers facing the United States, including from great powers seeking to undermine international norms and institutions, terrorist networks threatening civilized society, transnational threats such as pandemic disease, and the menace of climate change. We are resolved to pursue diplomatic means with partners around the world as the overriding priority to resolve international disputes, but also prepared to deploy military means when required to protect and defend the vital national security interests of America and its allies. We are committed to ensuring the American Dream remains alive for all Americans, not just the few, and are convinced that the surest path to shared prosperity for Americans lies in openness to the world. We are guided by humility - cognizant of the tragic costs of war, the limits of American power, and our own long and incomplete pursuit of a more perfect union. We are deeply grateful to those serving in our armed forces, diplomatic corps, development organizations, and intelligence agencies, and determined to provide them the resources they need. And we are optimistic about America's future, confident in the resilience and capacity of the American people to overcome any challenge, steadfast in belief in the importance of American global leadership, and resolved to preserve America's historic role as a beacon to the world."


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