Memorial and Honor Gifts

​If there is someone you would like to recognize in a way that would be meaningful both to you and them, please consider making a contribution of any size to Vote Smart in their name.​

If they are deceased, you can make a Memorial Gift in their name. If they are still living, you can recognize them with an Honor Gift. Donations can be made at here. Please email us at or call us at 515-989-6363 to let us know that the donation is made in honor of a loved one.

Vote Smart will notify the person honored in this way, or notify the family of the person memorialized. All those so honored, as well as those giving these gifts will be recognized on Vote Smart's web site.

This is an opportunity to help support the essential principle of an informed electorate, the foundation of a healthy democracy--and sustain Vote Smart's work to ensure that generations to come have access to the facts that allow them to govern themselves successfully.