Legislative Committees

Ethics Committee

Georgia Senate Committee

324-A Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, GA 30334
The Committee on Ethics has general jurisdiction over ethical issues relating to the Senate, governmental entities, and public officials, as well as election and voting issues. The committee is authorized by statute to independently investigate allegations of ethics violations made by the general public (O.C.G.A. 45-10-90 et seq.) or by staff.
Sen. Max Burns
(Republican-GA 23) Chair
Sen. Dean Burke
(Republican-GA 11) Vice Chair
Sen. Jason Anavitarte
(Republican-GA 31) Member
Sen. Gloria Butler
(Democratic-GA 55) Member
Sen. Mike Dugan
(Republican-GA 30) Member
Sen. Steve Gooch
(Republican-GA 51) Member
Sen. Ed Harbison
(Democratic-GA 15) Member
Sen. Sally Harrell
(Democratic-GA 40) Member
Sen. Butch Miller
(Republican-GA 49) Member
Sen. Randy Robertson
(Republican-GA 29) Member
Sen. Brian Strickland
(Republican-GA 17) Member
Sen. Harold Jones II
(Democratic-GA 22) Secretary