Legislative Committees

Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee

Georgia Senate Committee

121-F State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
The Committee on Regulated Industries & Utilities has general jurisdiction over legislation related to utilities such as gas, electricity and telecommunications. It also may consider legislation related to some regulated and licensed professionals as well as legislation related to regulated products such as alcoholic beverages.
Sen. Bill Cowsert
(Republican-GA 46) Chair
Sen. Matt Brass
(Republican-GA 28) Vice Chair
Sen. Tonya Anderson
(Democratic-GA 43) Member
Sen. Gloria Butler
(Democratic-GA 55) Member
Sen. Frank Ginn
(Republican-GA 47) Member
Sen. Steve Gooch
(Republican-GA 51) Member
Sen. David Lucas, Sr.
(Democratic-GA 26) Member
Sen. Butch Miller
(Republican-GA 49) Member
Sen. Jeff Mullis
(Republican-GA 53) Member
Sen. Michael Rhett
(Democratic-GA 33) Member
Sen. John Kennedy
(Republican-GA 18) Secretary