Legislative Committees

Education Committee

Hawaii House Committee

The scope shall be those programs relating to early childhood education, primary and secondary schools, continuing education, libraries, and other pertinent matters referred to it by the House.
Rep. Justin Woodson
(Democratic-HI 9) Chair
Rep. Jeanné Kapela
(Democratic-HI 5) Vice Chair
Rep. Della Belatti
(Democratic-HI 24) Member
Rep. Sonny Ganaden
(Democratic-HI 30) Member
Rep. Cedric Gates
(Democratic-HI 44) Member
Rep. Troy Hashimoto
(Democratic-HI 8) Member
Rep. Takashi Ohno
(Democratic-HI 27) Member
Rep. Val Okimoto
(Republican-HI 36) Member
Rep. Sean Quinlan
(Democratic-HI 47) Member
Rep. Gregg Takayama
(Democratic-HI 34) Member
Rep. Ryan Yamane
(Democratic-HI 37) Member