Legislative Committees

Higher Education and Technology

Hawaii House Committee

The scope shall be those programs relating to the University of Hawaii, the community colleges, and other institutions of post-secondary 14education, intercollegiate athletics, and the Waikiki Aquarium; and technology and cybersecurity; and other pertinent matters referred to it by the House
Rep. Gregg Takayama
(Democratic-HI 34) Chair
Rep. Della Belatti
(Democratic-HI 24) Member
Rep. Sonny Ganaden
(Democratic-HI 30) Member
Rep. Cedric Gates
(Democratic-HI 44) Member
Rep. Troy Hashimoto
(Democratic-HI 8) Member
Rep. Jeanné Kapela
(Democratic-HI 5) Member
Rep. Takashi Ohno
(Democratic-HI 27) Member
Rep. Val Okimoto
(Republican-HI 36) Member
Rep. Sean Quinlan
(Democratic-HI 47) Member
Rep. Justin Woodson
(Democratic-HI 9) Member
Rep. Ryan Yamane
(Democratic-HI 37) Member