Legislative Committees

Labor and Tourism Committee

Hawaii House Committee

The scope shall be those programs relating to employment, government operations andefficiency, employee pay and benefits, employee recruitment, classification and training, career development, employee performance, employment conditions, standards of conduct for employers and employees, collective bargaining in public employment, the civil service system, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, temporary disability insurance, prepaid health care, employment opportunities, and labor-management relations in the private sector; and tourism, including the Hawaii Convention Center, Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, and the Hawaii Tourism Authority; and other pertinent matters referred to it by the House.
Rep. Richard Onishi
(Democratic-HI 3) Chair
Rep. Jackson Sayama
(Democratic-HI 20) Vice Chair
Rep. Della Belatti
(Democratic-HI 24) Member
Rep. Daniel Holt
(Democratic-HI 29) Member
Rep. Dale Kobayashi
(Democratic-HI 23) Member
Rep. Val Okimoto
(Republican-HI 36) Member
Rep. Sean Quinlan
(Democratic-HI 47) Member
Rep. Gregg Takayama
(Democratic-HI 34) Member