Legislative Committees

Aging Committee

Connecticut Joint Committee

Room 011, Capitol Building
Hartford, CT 06106
The Aging Committee is one of the joint standing committees of the Connecticut General Assembly. It is composed of 13 members - 4 Senators and 9 Representatives. The committee has cognizance of all matters relating to senior citizens.
Rep. Quentin Phipps
(Democratic-CT 100) Co-Chair
Sen. Derek Slap
(Democratic-CT 5) Co-Chair
Rep. Anne Hughes
(Democratic-CT 135) Vice Chair
Sen. Rick Lopes
(Democratic-CT 6) Vice Chair
Sen. Kevin Kelly
(Republican-CT 21) Ranking Member
Rep. David Wilson
(Republican-CT 66) Ranking Member
Sen. Mary Abrams
(Democratic-CT 13) Member
Rep. Mitch Bolinsky
(Republican-CT 106) Member
Rep. Jay Case
(Republican-CT 63) Member
Sen. Christine Cohen
(Democratic-CT 12) Member
Rep. Joe de la Cruz
(Democratic-CT 41) Member
Rep. John Fusco
(Republican-CT 81) Member
Rep. Jane Garibay
(Democratic-CT 60) Member
Rep. Jennifer Leeper
(Democratic-CT 132) Member
Rep. Edwin Vargas, Jr.
(Democratic-CT 6) Member