Legislative Committees

Joint Committee on Legislative Justice Oversight

Vermont Joint Committee

115 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-5301
The Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee exercises oversight over the Department of Corrections and works with and provides assistance to other legislative committees on matters related to corrections policies.
Rep. Alice Emmons
(Democratic-VT Windsor-3-2) Vice Chair
Sen. Phil Baruth
(Democratic-VT Chittenden) Member
Rep. Maxine Grad
(Democratic-VT Washington-7) Member
Sen. Cheryl Hooker
(Democratic-VT Rutland) Member
Sen. Ginny Lyons
(Democratic-VT Chittenden) Member
Sen. Corey Parent
(Republican-VT Franklin) Member
Sen. Richard Sears, Jr.
(Democratic-VT Bennington) Member
Rep. Butch Shaw
(Republican-VT Rutland-6) Member
Rep. Trevor Squirrell
(Democratic-VT Chittenden-3) Member
Rep. Theresa Wood
(Democratic-VT Washington-Chittenden) Member