Legislative Committees

Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Connecticut Joint Committee

State Capitol Building
Room 508
Hartford, CT 06106
The Committee on Veterans' Affairs shall have cognizance of all matters relating to military and veterans' affairs, except veterans' pensions.
Rep. Pat Boyd
(Democratic-CT 50) Co-Chair
Sen. Jorge Cabrera
(Democratic-CT 17) Co-Chair
Sen. James Maroney
(Democratic-CT 14) Vice Chair
Rep. Ronald Napoli, Jr.
(Democratic-CT 73) Vice Chair
Sen. Paul Cicarella, Jr.
(Republican-CT 34) Ranking Member
Rep. Kurt Vail
(Republican-CT 52) Ranking Member
Sen. Mary Abrams
(Democratic-CT 13) Member
Rep. Mark Anderson
(Republican-CT 62) Member
Rep. David Arconti, Jr.
(Democratic-CT 109) Member
Sen. Eric Berthel
(Republican-CT 32) Member
Rep. Billy Buckbee
(Republican-CT 67) Member
Rep. Joe de la Cruz
(Democratic-CT 41) Member
Rep. Michael DiGiovancarlo
(Democratic-CT 74) Member
Rep. Charles Ferraro
(Republican-CT 117) Member
Rep. Liz Linehan
(Democratic-CT 103) Member
Sen. Cathy Osten
(Democratic-CT 19) Member
Rep. Gary Turco
(Democratic-CT 27) Member