Legislative Committees

Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation

Virginia Joint Committee

To encourage and arrange conferences with officials of other states and other units of government; carry forward the participation of Virginia as a member of the Council of State Governments, both regionally and nationally; formulate proposals for cooperation between Virginia and other states; establish such committees as it deems advisable to conduct conferences and formulate proposals concerning subjects of interstate cooperation; monitor and evaluate the Commonwealth's participation in interstate compacts; review, evaluate, and recommend suggested uniform state legislation; require, at its discretion, from any appointee representing Virginia on any interstate compact, commission, committee, or board, a report on that organization's work and accomplishments; and review, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning federal policies that are of concern to the Commonwealth.
Rep. Kathy Byron
(Republican-VA 22) Member
Rep. Eileen Filler-Corn
(Democratic-VA 41) Member
Sen. Travis Hackworth
(Republican-VA 38) Member
Sen. Ghazala Hashmi
(Democratic-VA 10) Member
Rep. Clinton Jenkins
(Democratic-VA 76) Member
Sen. Mamie Locke
(Democratic-VA 2) Member
Rep. Alfonso Lopez
(Democratic-VA 49) Member
Sen. Thomas Norment, Jr.
(Republican-VA 3) Member
Sen. Chap Petersen
(Democratic-VA 34) Member
Sen. Dick Saslaw
(Democratic-VA 35) Member