Legislative Committees

Appropriations Committee

Texas House Committee

(1) all bills and resolutions appropriating money from the state treasury;
(2) all bills and resolutions containing provisions resulting in automatic allocation of funds from the state treasury;
(3) all bills and resolutions diverting funds from the state treasury or preventing funds from going in that otherwise would be placed in the state treasury; and
(4) all matters pertaining to claims and accounts filed with the legislature against the state unless jurisdiction over those ills and resolutions is specifically granted by these rules to some other standing committee.
The appropriations committee may comment upon any bill or resolution containing a provision resulting in an automatic
allocation of funds.
Rep. Greg Bonnen
(Republican-TX 24) Chair
Rep. Mary Gonzalez
(Democratic-TX 75) Vice Chair
Rep. Trent Ashby
(Republican-TX 57) Member
Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr.
(Republican-TX 3) Member
Rep. Giovanni Capriglione
(Republican-TX 98) Member
Rep. Jay Dean
(Republican-TX 7) Member
Rep. Alex Dominguez
(Democratic-TX 37) Member
Rep. Gary Gates
(Republican-TX 28) Member
Rep. Justin Holland
(Republican-TX 33) Member
Rep. Donna Howard
(Democratic-TX 48) Member
Rep. Ann Johnson
(Democratic-TX 134) Member
Rep. Jarvis Johnson
(Democratic-TX 139) Member
Rep. Julie Johnson
(Democratic-TX 115) Member
Rep. Ina Minjarez
(Democratic-TX 124) Member
Rep. Geanie Morrison
(Republican-TX 30) Member
Rep. John Raney
(Republican-TX 14) Member
Rep. Toni Rose
(Democratic-TX 110) Member
Rep. Matt Schaefer
(Republican-TX 6) Member
Rep. Carl Sherman, Sr.
(Democratic-TX 109) Member
Rep. Lynn Stucky
(Republican-TX 64) Member
Rep. Ed Thompson
(Republican-TX 29) Member
Rep. Steve Toth
(Republican-TX 15) Member
Rep. Gary VanDeaver
(Republican-TX 1) Member
Rep. Armando Walle
(Democratic-TX 140) Member
Rep. Terry Wilson
(Republican-TX 20) Member
Rep. Gene Wu
(Democratic-TX 137) Member
Rep. Erin Zwiener
(Democratic-TX 45) Member