Legislative Committees

Subcommittee on Energy

National Senate Committee

304 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510

Parent Committee: Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Jurisdiction of the Subcommittee includes oversight and legislative responsibilities for: nuclear, coal and synthetic fuels research and development; nuclear and non-nuclear energy commercialization projects; nuclear fuel cycle policy; DOE National Laboratories; global climate change; new technologies research and development; nuclear facilities siting and insurance program; commercialization of new technologies including, solar energy systems; Federal energy conservation programs; energy information; liquefied natural gas projects; oil and natural gas regulation; refinery policy; coal conversion; utility policy; strategic petroleum reserves; regulation of Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and other oil and gas pipeline transportation systems within Alaska Arctic research and energy development; and oil, gas and coal production and distribution.
Sen. Mazie Hirono
(Democratic-HI Jr) Chair
Sen. John Hoeven
(Republican-ND Sr) Ranking Member
Sen. Bill Cassidy
(Republican-LA Sr) Member
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto
(Democratic-NV Sr) Member
Sen. Martin Heinrich
(Democratic-NM Jr) Member
Sen. John Hickenlooper
(Democratic-CO Jr) Member
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith
(Republican-MS Jr) Member
Sen. Angus King, Jr.
(Independent-ME Jr) Member
Sen. James Lankford
(Republican-OK Jr) Member
Sen. Roger Marshall
(Republican-KS Jr) Member
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
(Republican-AK Sr) Member
Sen. James Risch
(Republican-ID Jr) Member
Sen. Bernie Sanders
(Independent-VT Jr) Member
Sen. Ron Wyden
(Democratic-OR Sr) Member