Legislative Committees

Transportation Committee

Connecticut Joint Committee

Legislative Office Building
Room 2300
Hartford, CT 06106
The Transportation Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Transportation, including highways and bridges, navigation, aeronautics, mass transit and railroads; and to the State Traffic Commission and the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Rep. Roland Lemar
(Democratic-CT 96) Chair
Sen. Steve Cassano
(Democratic-CT 4) Vice Chair
Rep. Travis Simms
(Democratic-CT 140) Vice Chair
Rep. Devin Carney
(Republican-CT 23) Ranking Member
Sen. Heather Somers
(Republican-CT 18) Ranking Member
Sen. Mary Abrams
(Democratic-CT 13) Member
Rep. Amy Bello
(Democratic-CT 28) Member
Rep. Aimee Berger-Girvalo
(Democratic-CT 111) Member
Rep. Matt Blumenthal
(Democratic-CT 147) Member
Rep. Brandon Chafee
(Democratic-CT 33) Member
Rep. Julio Concepcion
(Democratic-CT 4) Member
Rep. Christine Conley
(Democratic-CT 40) Member
Rep. Anne Dauphinais
(Republican-CT 44) Member
Rep. Laura Devlin
(Republican-CT 134) Member
Rep. Christine Goupil
(Democratic-CT 35) Member
Rep. Irene Haines
(Republican-CT 34) Member
Rep. Cindy Harrison
(Republican-CT 69) Member
Sen. John Kissel
(Republican-CT 7) Member
Rep. David Labriola
(Republican-CT 131) Member
Sen. Rick Lopes
(Democratic-CT 6) Member
Sen. Henri Martin
(Republican-CT 31) Member
Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey
(Democratic-CT 133) Member
Rep. Steve Meskers
(Democratic-CT 150) Member
Rep. David Michel
(Democratic-CT 146) Member
Sen. Norman Needleman
(Democratic-CT 33) Member
Rep. Tom O'Dea
(Republican-CT 125) Member
Sen. Cathy Osten
(Democratic-CT 19) Member
Rep. Rosa Rebimbas
(Republican-CT 70) Member
Rep. Geraldo Reyes, Jr.
(Democratic-CT 75) Member
Rep. Christopher Rosario
(Democratic-CT 128) Member
Rep. Brian Smith
(Democratic-CT 48) Member
Rep. Jonathan Steinberg
(Democratic-CT 136) Member
Rep. Stephanie Thomas
(Democratic-CT 143) Member
Rep. Tami Zawistowski
(Republican-CT 61) Member
Rep. Lezlye Zupkus
(Republican-CT 89) Member