Legislative Committees

Committee on House Administration

National House Committee

1309 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-6157
House Rule X - Organization of Committeesarts

(j) Committee on House Administration.

(1) Appropriations from accounts for committee salaries and expenses (except for the Committee on Appropriations); House Information Resources; and allowance and expenses of Members, Delegates, the Resident Commissioner, officers, and administrative offices of the House.

(2) Auditing and settling of all accounts described in subparagraph (1).

(3) Employment of persons by the House, including staff for Members, Delegates, the Resident Commissioner, and committees; and reporters of debates, subject to rule VI.

(4) Except as provided in paragraph (q)(11), the Library of Congress, including management thereof; the House Library; statuary and pictures; acceptance or purchase of works of art for the Capitol; the Botanic Garden; and purchase of books and manuscripts.

(5) The Smithsonian Institution and the incorporation of similar institutions (except as provided in paragraph (q)(11)).

(6) Expenditure of accounts described in subparagraph (1).

(7) Franking Commission.

(8) Printing and correction of the Congressional Record.

(9) Accounts of the House generally.

(10) Assignment of office space for Members, Delegates, the Resident Commissioner, and committees.

(11) Disposition of useless executive papers.

(12) Election of the President, Vice President, Members, Senators, Delegates, or the Resident Commissioner; corrupt practices; contested elections; credentials and qualifications; and Federal elections generally.

(13) Services to the House, including the House Restaurant, parking facilities, and administration of the House Office Buildings and of the House wing of the Capitol.

(14) Travel of Members, Delegates, and the Resident Commissioner.

(15) Raising, reporting, and use of campaign contributions for candidates for office of Representative, of Delegate, and of Resident Commissioner.

(16) Compensation, retirement, and other benefits of the Members, Delegates, the Resident Commissioner, officers, and employees of Congress.
Rep. Bryan Steil
(Republican-WI 1) Chair
Rep. Joe Morelle
(Democratic-NY 25) Ranking Member
Rep. Stephanie Bice
(Republican-OK 5) Member
Rep. Mike Carey
(Republican-OH 15) Member
Rep. Anthony D'Esposito
(Republican, Conservative-NY 4) Member
Rep. Morgan Griffith
(Republican-VA 9) Member
Rep. Derek Kilmer
(Democratic-WA 6) Member
Rep. Laurel Lee
(Republican-FL 15) Member
Rep. Barry Loudermilk
(Republican-GA 11) Member
Rep. Greg Murphy
(Republican-NC 3) Member
Rep. Terri Sewell
(Democratic-AL 7) Member
Rep. Norma Torres
(Democratic-CA 35) Member