Legislative Committees

Education Committee

Arkansas House Committee

This committee reviews matters pertaining to public kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and adult education, vocational education, vocational-technical schools, vocational rehabilitation, higher education, private educational institutions, similar legislation, and resolutions germane to the subject matter of the committee.
Rep. Bruce Cozart
(Republican-AR 24) Chair
Rep. Brian Evans
(Republican-AR 43) Vice Chair
Rep. Rick Beck
(Republican-AR 65) Member
Rep. Kenneth Bragg
(Republican-AR 15) Member
Rep. Karilyn Brown
(Republican-AR 41) Member
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
(Republican-AR 79) Member
Rep. Charlene Fite
(Republican-AR 80) Member
Rep. Steve Hollowell
(Republican-AR 49) Member
Rep. Lee Johnson
(Republican-AR 75) Member
Rep. Fred Love
(Democratic-AR 29) Member
Rep. Mark Lowery
(Republican-AR 39) Member
Rep. John Maddox
(Republican-AR 20) Member
Rep. Gayla McKenzie
(Republican-AR 92) Member
Rep. Stephen Meeks
(Republican-AR 67) Member
Rep. Reginald Murdock
(Democratic-AR 48) Member
Rep. Stu Smith
(Republican-AR 63) Member
Rep. Nelda Speaks
(Republican-AR 100) Member
Rep. DeAnn Vaught
(Republican-AR 4) Member
Rep. Richard Womack
(Republican-AR 18) Member