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Issue Position: Medicare & Social Security

Issue Position

Prior to its creation in 1965, only 50 percent of seniors had health insurance. Today, Medicare provides one of the most important guarantees in our society -- the guarantee that if you are an older American and you get sick, you will get the care that you need without going broke. Brian is committed to protecting the Medicare guarantee, opposing plans that would force seniors to buy insurance on the open market, and making sure that the program remains affordable and continues gives seniors access to the care they deserve.

Since 1935, Social Security has ensured older citizens can retire without fear of significant financial hardship, surviving spouses and children are taken care of after the death of a loved one, and that persons with disabilities receive needed assistance to live full and productive lives. Throughout his time in Congress, Brian has fought efforts to privatize or threaten Americans' Social Security benefits. Brian has also stood up for keeping local Social Security field offices open to maintain accessibility and prevent claims backlogs. Brian has introduced H.R. 3997, the Social Security Administration Accountability Act, which would require that the Social Security Administration provide adequate justification before closing any field offices.