Blog: Dangerous Times


Date: July 17, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

The killing of four U.S. Marines in Tennessee yesterday is a stark reminder of the severe threats now facing the U.S. homeland. Radicalizing recruits worldwide through social media and using encrypted digital chatrooms to plot attacks, ISIS and other jihadist groups are looking for every possible opportunity to strike at the U.S. homeland. Americans everywhere ought to remain vigilant to these threats and resist demands to handcuff our intelligence community, which is working hard to identify and track foreign terrorists.

Unfortunately, the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration signed with Iran will not diminish these threats and may even intensify them. Iran remains the world's primary sponsor of international terrorism, and there is nothing in the agreement that will change the regime's behavior. To the contrary, the deal will relieve both internal and external pressure on the mullahs, giving them access to new sources of cash to continue spreading turmoil throughout the Middle East and beyond.