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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

Our country's strength is drawn from a robust and healthy free market economy. We have the largest economy of any nation in the world, and I will continue to support policies, like reasonable health care reform and tax reform, which will encourage current and future economic growth.

Reckless spending is one of the biggest problems currently plaguing our federal government and has contributed to the growing budget deficit. As a fiscal conservative, I will continue to restrain discretionary spending. If not controlled, increased spending will place huge debt in the hands of future generations. I will do my best to ensure that Congress exercises fiscal restraint in order to achieve a balanced budget, while still allocating sufficient funding levels to meet the needs of our American communities.

I strongly support fundamental tax reform and believe we need to overhaul the tax code. Each Congress I introduce the Freedom Flat Tax Act, which would simplify our nation's tax code and encourage people to make financial decisions based on common-sense economics.

Without a doubt, small business is the engine that drives our economy. I am committed to promoting our nation's small businesses and reducing the tax and paperwork burdens the federal government places upon them.

Finally, to allow American entrepreneurs to thrive and expand, the government must step out of the way. Burdensome regulations handed down by federal government agencies often slow hiring and hurt the bottom line of many small businesses. I will work to keep the regulatory burden in check, and to let entrepreneurs be the ones to run the economy because they know best.