Obama's 'Crazy' Iran Deal


Date: Sept. 14, 2015
Issues: Foreign Affairs

A few weeks ago, President Obama said that those of us who oppose his Iran deal are "crazies." What's actually crazy is that our President trusts Iran with a nuclear weapon.

It's crazy that the Obama administration's July 14 agreement provides billions in sanctions relief to the Iranian government. It's crazy that this deal only requires Iran to postpone expansion of its nuclear program for 10 years. And it's even crazier that it allows Iran to continue building a nuclear weapon after those 10 years are up.

This week, the House of Representatives acted to prevent the White House from proceeding with its Iranian nuclear agreement. I voted against the underlying agreement and will continue to oppose any deal that allows Iran to ever obtain a nuclear weapon. A nuclear-capable Iran not only threatens our own safety, but poses a significant risk to our allies across the globe, especially Israel.

We also passed a bill that will prevent Obama from providing sanctions relief to Iran. Current sanctions have been widely successful in terms of their impact on the Iranian economy, and they remain our strongest leverage in forcing Iran to dismantle its nuclear program.

Regardless of the politically-motivated actions of the President's allies in the Senate, we are committed to slowing down, stopping, and dismantling this misguided agreement. Simply too much is at stake to accept it.