What Happens When We Don't Protect Life


Date: Sept. 21, 2015
Issues: Abortion

I am blessed to have three great kids. My youngest daughter just started her first year at Mizzou. The day we welcomed Emily into our family still doesn't seem that long ago.

Like any parent, I had so many emotions when my children were born. Mainly, I was relieved they were healthy, and just in awe of the miracle of life. But something else happened to me on those days. With the arrival of each of my children, I became more convinced that those of us who are pro-life are on the right side of the issue.

I have tried to hold true to these convictions throughout my time in public office. I have helped introduce legislation banning abortion 20 weeks into a pregnancy, voted to strengthen parental consent laws, and have always held that tax dollars should never be used to fund abortions.

And just last week, the House approved a one-year moratorium on all federal funds for Planned Parenthood affiliates.

But ending the disgusting, inhumane behaviors discussed in these videos extends beyond any legislature. We need to step back and ask why an American organization that claims to support public health is willing to commit such heinous acts. Because while Planned Parenthood is our focus now, we have to realize that Planned Parenthoods will always exist in a society that does not value human life.