Issue Position: Protecting America's Senior Citizens

Issue Position

America's senior citizens deserve the best we can offer. However, outdated, big-government policies aren't always offering them the best opportunities for a healthy, prosperous retirement.

For current seniors, Marco will enact reforms to improve their financial well-being and protect the promises we've made to them. For future retirees, Marco will modernize and strengthen our programs so they're available for tomorrow's seniors.

Here's how:

Strengthen and Reform Social Security and Medicare

As President, Marco will protect Social Security and Medicare by:

* Making no changes for those in or near retirement
* Defending Medicare and Medicare Advantage for current seniors

These programs won't be around for future generations unless something is done to reform them, however. For future retirees, Marco will:

* Gradually increase the retirement age for future retirees, to keep up with changes in life expectancy
* Reduce the growth in benefits for upper-income seniors while strengthening the program for low-income seniors
* Transition Medicare to a premium-support system, which would give seniors a generous but fixed amount with which to purchase health coverage, either from Medicare or a private provider

Boost Seniors' Incomes

To improve seniors' economic opportunities, Marco will:

* Exempt Americans over 65 who wish to keep working from the payroll tax, strengthening the economy and seniors' nest eggs
* Abolish the Retirement Earnings Test, which discourages work and does nothing to help Social Security's long-term solvency

Repeal Obamacare and Modernize Our Health System

As President, Marco will repeal Obamacare and strengthen Medicare, which would mean:

* Shuttering Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board, a panel of unelected bureaucrats whose ultimate aim is to ration care for the elderly
* Strengthening Medicare Advantage, which gives many seniors a choice of plans offering a wide range of benefits
* Making the Medicare trust fund permanently solvent, so that every senior enrolled in Medicare today can rely on the program for the rest of his or her life
* Giving seniors -- and future retirees -- more options to choose the coverage they need and the doctors they see

Overhaul Our Tax Code

Marco supports a comprehensive tax reform plan that would eliminate taxes on capital gains, dividends, and interest, eliminating double taxation on the savings seniors have accumulated over a lifetime of hard work.

His plan would also get rid of the death tax, enabling Americans to pass on their farms, businesses, and hard-earned wealth to their relatives without paying even more in taxes or engaging in complicated tax planning.