Fincher Introduces Bill to Stop Radicalization of Inmates in Federal Prisons


Date: Dec. 18, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Stephen Fincher (TN-08) released the following statement after introducing the Prevent Terrorism from Entering our Prisons Act (H.R. 4285), legislation that would strengthen the background check process for volunteers entering Federal prisons and require the Bureau of Prisons to conduct a comprehensive study on the spread of radicalization in prisons:

"Over the years, our Federal prisons have become a breeding ground for radicalization. By allowing volunteers to enter the system without first having to undergo a comprehensive background check, some of the most vulnerable members of society have become susceptible to radicalization. There have been a number of cases involving inmates who became radicalized and, once released, attempted to harm innocent citizens. Since 95 percent of inmates will eventually be released back into society, it is essential that we ensure radical ideologies do not infiltrate our prisons.

"My bill will require all volunteers applying to work with prisoners at Federal correctional facilities to undergo thorough FBI screening in order to uncover potential ties to domestic and international terrorists. We cannot let our own Federal facilities become recruitment centers for terrorism. By strengthening the background check process for Federal prison volunteers, we have a better shot at apprehending these individuals before their evil intentions see the light of day."