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Issue Position: Foreign Affairs and Trade

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

As the world's foremost democracy, it is incumbent upon the United States to protect democracies wherever they may be. This requires a commitment to a strong national defense and, where freedom is at risk, intervening only when the evidence for action is stark. I proudly support the efforts of furthering democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the enduring fights to ensure every ballot is fair. I also am supportive of ensuring North Korea remains nuclear-free, arms-free and moves from a dictatorship to a democracy.

I am philosophically a supporter of free trade. Trade promotes United States leadership, economic growth, and job creation. It helps alleviate poverty and builds stronger and more prosperous neighbors, which improves economic conditions both at home and abroad. By creating economic opportunities, we give individuals the freedom to choose to work for employers offering better pay and better working conditions. Trade also contributes to rising standards of living, which economic studies suggest is key to raising labor standards as well.

However, I believe it is paramount that we enforce the trade agreements that we already have in place. We must make sure that all parties are playing by the rules set during the negotiation process. I continue to be concerned about China's practice of undervaluing the yuan and fear that this currency manipulation may be unfairly hurting American workers and manufacturers.